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  1. Anyone been to this show? It's definitely one of the shows that we do not want to miss. I have seen others post that one should book the first showing of the cruise as due to winds and rough seas, it might be cancelled and rescheduled to a different date. I saw one person warned not to book this show on the first night as the seas are rough leaving Florida and will probably get cancelled. Can anyone share insight if you have attended the show and when is the best time to reserve?
  2. Thank you for your responses. I was getting nervous since this is my first cruise. My husband and I are average height. Thanks for the warning about the sloping ceiling. Also, we plan on eating lots of wonderful food so the extra walking will be welcomed & much needed. :) Do I have the right deck highlighted? Deck 8?
  3. Has anyone ever stayed in one of the front room cabins? I will be in room 8100 (highlighted) and curious to know your experience with one of these rooms.
  4. Yes, it was $7.99 when I booked it a few days ago. I presume the price continues to rise the closer you get to your cruise date.
  5. Can't beat that! :) Happy Sailing!!
  6. That's awesome that they do this for Vets. We sail out in September and just booked online for $7.99 per day.
  7. We don't hang the hammock in any other place on the ship, except to use as a shade for a Serenity clam shell. We just clip the clips to the underneath of the clam shell "roof" and use for either a wind breaker or a shade. What is a clam shell?
  8. Genius! We love our enos hammocks'. You mentioned placing your hammock in others areas, do you have pics of those as well?
  9. Thanks for sharing ShakyBeef! Do they not have signs up explaining why not to do this? I imagine many people wouldn't know this if not informed. I take a fan that operates on battery or USB plug in so I plan on bringing this with me. Just hope everyone is aware by leaving balcony doors open that is what is creating the rooms to be warm.
  10. This is a good idea; may bring along a dryer sheet to place in the bottom of the suit case to add freshness.
  11. I use Poo-Pourri toilet spray in our bathrooms at home. I plan on bringing a small bottle with me and how appropriate - this one is called 'Ship Happens'. :) https://www.amazon.com/Poo-Pourri-Before-You-Go-Toilet-Bottle-Happens/dp/B01C9R54GQ
  12. Sailing on Allure in September and plan on bringing downy wrinkle release & using steam from the shower to remove wrinkles from clothes. However, I have seen mentioned that you can have items sent out to be pressed for a cost. Does anyone know the cost per item?
  13. Cruising end of September and although our ports didn’t change, they did change the times. San Juan changed to 7am-1pm instead of 7am-3pm. They added an additional hour to St Maarten port.
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