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  1. I just cruised the Miracle to HI in Oct 2019. Awesome Boat, Awesome Trip (especially if you like seadays), internet is not worth it. I would plan to unplug. There were a couple of days, both going out and coming back, where you are completely cutoff - no internet, no TV.
  2. It's funny that the government looks at a company they have acknowledged is based beyond it's borders, and not things in it's borders (hello meat packing plants and rest homes), or things directly under government control (jails). They need a scapegoat. Pointing at China is racist. The president and governors are too political. Hello cruise industry! We'll make you the poster child!
  3. Ah. We were on the miracle from long beach on Oct 16th. I remember that sea arch on our own tour on Hilo.
  4. Oct 2019, I think I was on that cruise with you! In Kahului there are actually two rental car agencies within reasonable walking distance of the port. I believe I rented from an enterprise there. edit: yup, enterprise. It’s actually a longer walk from the ship to the road, then from the port entrance to the car rental.
  5. I like this thread! My first was on the carnivale in 1990. Had my first pina colada. Watched “when Harry met sally” in the ship’s theatre. My first taste of a casino anywhere. Was only a 4 day cruise, but gave me a taste for it. Fortunately my wife has developed a taste for it too.
  6. Fir Not a daytrader, but first time I recieved the OBC, I did not own the stock at the time of booking. For example. I booked the cruise in January. Bought the stock in May. Submitted the stockholder OBC in June. Cruised in November.
  7. LOL beat me to it. The entirety of my concern is limited to the stock price.
  8. If you hit the level during the cruise, your card will be gold. Check your boarding pass, it should tell you what your VIFP level will be.
  9. Worth a try. Sign him up for the VIFP club on the Carnival.com website. Once in there, you can "Claim Past Cruise". Submit the info along with pictures of the cards and you should be good to go. I was able to claim a cruise from 1991 with nothing more than a picture of us on the gangway.
  10. Just another update. Even though the tracking said "pitneybowes", the cards arrived today via UPS. So for those keeping track at home: Ordered : 1/8, shipped : 1/14, arrived: 1/15 (30 minutes south of Toledo)
  11. Unsure of the transfer question, but if you are in port Everglades, it's a 5 min cab ride and cost around $20.
  12. looks like allstate doesn't always ship UPS anymore.....
  13. I can confirm this does work. I paid the $14 annual and my spouse made an account using my membership. We have each bought a $100 card in the last 2 months (1 each in December and 1 each in January for a total of 4 between us)
  14. 1GaPeach, I can only offer my current experience. I ordered 2 $500 cards last Wednesday. My CC was charged that day. I have been checking the last several days and the status always said "pending". Just a minute ago, I checked and the status had finally changed to shipped: 1/14/20 (today), but there is still no tracking information available. I am guessing that may become available later today when it actually leaves the building.
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