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  1. Let this be a lesson. Never go on a honeymoon with your brand new in-laws, right after you steal their baby girl, and drink too much...
  2. Also, bare in mind that the site only shows the rooms available in the category you are searching for with the number of people supplied. Meaning, there may be cabins available closer to your OS, but they are just designated as a 3 person cabin and you are searching for a 2 person cabin, so it doesn't show as available.
  3. So the wife and I are going on a cruise next month. We had booked excursions several months ago, however yesterday my wife decided to cancel one of the excursions. I was wondering, how do they get us the refund for it? The catch here is that we paid for the excursion with a gift card. I did receive an email from them this morning: There is a space left after the section about "a credit card ending in", probably because I used a gift card, not a credit card. Anyone have experience with something like this? Should I expect it to go to OBC? Expect a gift card in the mail?
  4. It's been about 10 years since I flew into MCO and cruised out of Canaveral, but we did exactly as pe4all did. We had a limo service pick us up at MCO and drive us to the Radisson. Radisson had a shuttle to the terminal the next morning. When we got back from the cruise, our limo driver was waiting to take us back to the airport. I say "limo" but it was more of a large SUV and it was very convenient.
  5. Go to carnival .com and print your documents. In the popup window, under "Additional Documents", choose "Print Genereal Information": The OBC will show up in a section like this one:
  6. First Cruise in 1990 was on this bad boy. The ships have certainly grown....
  7. They used to have something like this. Last I remember was on a cruise in 2009, they sold a punch card for "Drink of the Day". I think it was $25 for 5 drinks (usually something frozen and fruity/tropical). It satisfied my wife's need for a fruity drink, and I was able to just sit there and drink my soda. We have had kids with us on the last couple of cruises, so I haven't looked, and maybe it still exists.
  8. "I want to go to there....." Stuck at work reading this with my next cruise 7 weeks away, and I keep hearing Liz Lemon's voice in my head....
  9. It's ok. Elastigirl will keep them separated!
  10. 1) hub app doesn't seem to drain the battery any more quickly that any other app. It does work well for keeping track of party members, but be aware that sometimes responses can be delayed. I have brought battery packs on without an issue. 3) last ship I was on, the laundry operated using you S&S card (including buying detergent)
  11. I know this is a couple of weeks old now, but I rent cars from an enterprise that is walking distance to the pier Enterprise RentACar. 40 Hana Hwy Kahului, HI 96732
  12. Please be aware that the airline can change a flight on you as well. Our cruise is scheduled to arrive back in Long Beach on Nov 2nd at 9am. We had flights booked out of SNA for 12:45 PM, thinking we had plenty of time to get there. Last week, I received an email from American saying that our flights had been changed to 7:45 am. Needless to say, we were not confident on making that flight. Fortunately they were nice when we called and I got our flight changed to 7:45am on Nov 3rd.
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