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  1. My wife, her parents an I just returned 2 days ago from our Princess Alaska trip aboard the Golden Princess and had a fantastic time. This was our ninth and her parents second cruise with Princess. We did a Cruisetour which probably is the best way to see Alaska. If you are considering the different ships in Princess’s fleet your first choice should be the Royal. We did a Caribbean cruise in Jan ‘18 aboard the Royal and truly enjoyed that ship. We tried to book the Royal for Alaska but were too late to get a pair of cabins. We have sailed the Emerald 3 times and the Crown once. I believe the Ruby is identical to both of those ships. They are very nice ships with open pools great for tropical weather. However, the Golden and the Grand both have open and enclosed pool areas which you appreciate in 40-55 deg F weather! This was our second sailing on the Golden, we have also sailed on the Grand. The Golden has been recently updated with a new buffet very similar to the Royal’s which is a nice upgrade. On the cruise portion we spent a fair amount of time in the covered pool area since it was to cold out on deck unless you are whale watching or glacier gazing. The land tour portion of our cruise which we did first was absolutely awesome. We booked the Connoisseur Package since the meals were included. When you look at the menu prices and estimate how much you will spend on meals out of pocket you will see the Connoisseur is a better deal. We stayed at Princess’s Fairbanks, Denali and McKinley lodges. Denali Wilderness Lodge is spectacular. There were two included excursions and one we payed for on the land tour. All three were a great time. The excursions offered from the ship were equally awesome. We panned for gold, sailed a paddle boat, saw moose and bear in Denali, took a train to a jet boat up the Susitna River, drove Kawasaki Mules up a mountain, flew in a bush plane over the glaciers, gazed glaciers from the Lido Deck and watched Orca and Blue whales breach beside us. We had a truly wonderful time in Alaska and may go back again soon. Just a little pic of Denali...
  2. Thrak, glad you enjoyed your cruise and had fun experiencing the Anchor excursion! On our Caribbean Princess sailing a couple years ago Princess upgraded us to an OV cabin on Caribe which happened to be in the 200-300 section. We never had the pleasure of being so forward in a ship before. On our way into Grand Turk during rough seas early in the morning we felt something rather odd being weightless in bed. Yes we unknowingly signed up for the “Levitate a foot off your bed momentarily” Excursion Bonus. Needless to say we are not fans of Bow Riding.[emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If I may offer a suggestion to Princess Guest Services Crown P328 is certainly a candidate for one of those new super duper cushy beds they have on those fancy new Royal Class ships. I’m just putting it out there....the current bed certainly isn’t very comforting and is in fact a bit rude.[emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hello this is Millnut. Yes this was cabin P328 on Crown Princess. Our sailing was February 15th to February 25th 2019. My wife and I have cruised solely with Princess, this was our 9th cruise. Of all the cabins we have been in this was the oddest. If we had requested twins it would have been fine but as a queen it was rather inconvenient for one sleeper.😀 The bed configuration although rather inconvenient was nothing compared to how wore out the matress was. It was like sleeping in a sinking hole. Not that I'm complaining.☺️ We asked the cabin steward for a foam topper but he was not interested in helping us!!!😡 Not pictured is the 12 inch offset in the wall making the bed area 12 inches narrower than a standard interior cabin. We were "upgraded" to this cabin from a Caribe Deck interior room. We looked at the cabin location at the time of the upgrade but failed to look at the actual floor plan layout. We are booked for August 7th 2019 on the Coral Princess for Alaska and will carefully review any offered "upgrades" over the booked standard inside cabin. The cabin location was extremely convenient as we were behind the Art Gallery and a very short walk to the Piazza, dining room, elevators etc. My wife has to contend with motion sickness and on the days the sea was rougher the motion was not that bad in the cabin. However, as I pointed out in the review, when we ported in the morning you can hear the winch for rolling out the mooring lines. It is on for a short time but it will wake you up if you are a light sleeper. Also, during rough seas when the stabilizer is out you hear the groaning and rumbling as if it is right in the cabin. For some folks that may not be an issue but it keep me up for 2 nights.😡😀 I hope our experience can give any future cruisers make and informed decision regarding this cabin.😎 Paul
  5. Ship: Crown Class Deck: Plaza 328 Category Location: Port side Connects with cabin #: none Accessible: no Quiet: yes View: Large Window Privacy Issues: None Wind: no Soot: no Problems: Queen bed configuration is inconvenient. Bed is pushed up against wall. Bed is worn out and needs to be replaced. Comments: Princess “upgraded” us to this cabin from an interior cabin on Caride Deck 10 (the standard interior cabins are slightly wider). We enjoyed the central location of the cabin as it is right next to the Piazza. We ate in the Michaelangleo Dining room which was very convenient. Disembarking the ship is very convenient as well. However, when the ship is ready to dock and undock from port the loud whine of the mooring line winch is heard. Not a problem when leaving port but at 6 or 7 am it is very annoying. Also, when the ship stabilizer is out during rough seas the loud groans and shudders are heard and felt. Being the window is close to the water line you do hear the splash of the wake from the bow but it is not very annoying. The cabin steward was not very helpful and seemed to be in a hurry to finish his daily rounds. We asked about a foam topper for the bed (which has been provided on other Princess ships- Emerald, Grand, Caribbean, Golden) but he wasn’t interested in supplying one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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