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  1. 90000 people at the college football stadium in Michigan. Same numbers elsewhere. No vaccine requirements. No masks. Elbow to elbow. Screaming constantly at the game. Cruise ship - you have to have vaccine, masks, test to get on, test to fly home, and one twentieth the people. LOL.
  2. With the covid drama and mask requirements coming back I doubt you will have to worry about a cruise over 50 percent capacity for the next several months.
  3. I would give the chances of the new rules being lifted 0.00. If anything, there will be even more restrictions. If you have the chance I would get a full refund and wait until things settle out before cruising again. I would want to see at least three months of no restrictions/testing before even booking a cruise. There are other things to spend your time and money on.
  4. The county health authorities that actually report somewhat decent data are around 20 -25 percent vaccinated getting covid as of late July numbers. This is increasing at a fairly fast pace that was around 8 percent in May. For other states that publish data like Utah, it's clear breakthrough cases have accelerated in the past two months. In Utah on June 2, 2021, just 27 or 8 percent of the 312 new cases in the state were breakthrough cases. As of July 26 there were 519 new cases and almost 20 percent or 94 were breakthroughs, according to state data. In Oklahoma, where cases are up by 67 percent, state officials broke down the data to show that for residents who got Johnson & Johnson vaccine the incidents of breakthrough were greater at 160 per 100,000 people compared to 93 per 100,000 for Moderna. Even among states that track cases closely, officials cautioned data is likely incomplete. Vaccinated people who are infected but asymptomatic are probably largely missing from statistics.
  5. They will stuff as many passengers on the ship as they can sell tickets for. The only limiting factor is the number of crew members available to service them. There are no mandates to limit capacity. When you hear of cruise lines announcing capacity restrictions it is because they know they will not have the crew for all of them.
  6. They have no idea what the future holds. It is the price you pay to cruise for at least the next 12 months if not longer. The Delta variant is starting to ramp up in the US and we will be back to some type of restrictions by the fall. No telling what ship you are going to be on, where it is going to sail to and even if it will be sailing at all. Will the CDC panic when cases start rising? It is all a guessing game right now.
  7. Once the stupid mask mandates come back then ports banning cruise ships will not be far behind, some like the British Virgin islands have already started. others will extend current bans. Next will be covid test even for the vaccinated since they are getting covid at an increasing rate which is what is happening in the UK and Israel. Then another round of covid test to get off the ship to go home. It sure is nice to not have any cruises booked and not have to sweat out what is going to happen.
  8. The rapid rise of the Delta variant is driving all travel stocks lower. The UK is nearing 50000 cases per day and deaths are now starting to ramp up. The Israeli Health Ministry reporting 40 per cent of recent new cases are among the not vaccinated.
  9. The stop in Tortola is also being skipped. Tortola has seen a spike in covid cases and a recent death and has decided to not allow the Summit to stop there. I don't know for how long this will be in place.
  10. From the article. "Venice residents and the international community have been urging governments for years to ban large ships passing through the lagoon, polluting and threatening the stability of its buildings and fragile ecosystem". I doubt it will stop at Venice. Look for more bans in the future or at least limits on size. As far as existing bookings the ban starts August 1 so they will have to skip Venice. This has been in the works for years so it probably doesn't surprise the cruise lines.
  11. Not a chance. 0.00 is as high as it gets. Any basic research of the covid situation in Australia and you would not even need to ask.
  12. So you go out to all sorts of places with crowds of people that are not vaccinated but you won't get on a cruise ship. I don't get it. As far as Princess and the other cruise lines go they want to stuff as many people as possible on these ships as soon as possible. If you will only cruise with vaccinated you better do it soon. In fact, the CSO may expire this month and the cruise lines can do what they want. First thing they will drop are masks and vaccine status.
  13. Obviously cruise ships will not be going to New Zealand anytime soon. Even land travel has to many risks at least for overseas visitors.
  14. It is typical to take down bookings this close to the cruise.
  15. Israel Sees Explosion Of Cases In Vaccinated Patients Caused By "Delta" Variant An outbreak of the Delta variant in Israel has spread to many vaccinated people, with about half of the adults infected already being fully innocualted with the Pfizer vaccine. I see a lot pf problems for the cruise lines coming up. Cases are on the rise in the US also. The UK Delta cases are rising rapidly, I have not seen numbers on the percentages of fully vaccinated getting it in the UK yet.
  16. I think the biggest capacity restrictions are because of limited staffing not CDC rules. It is something that is changing by the day so no telling what will happen by the time your cruise departs. "No telling what will happen" probably describes cruising for the next few months. There is likely to be a lot of action out of the CDC either late this week or early next. Removing all covid mandates including masks on airplanes and ships along with the CSO allowed to expire are likely.
  17. Anything in Asia, South Pacific, Middle East, and South America. Also any Trans-Atlantic. It is to complicated to sail out of one country and arrive in another right now. The Covid Delta variant will be roaring to life this Fall in the US so that will probably bring some more, maybe a lot. What happens in India is not staying in India.
  18. It includes the ones they have already cut.
  19. I can't see an open border ever. Covid is going to be around for awhile and then there will always be some new virus coming along. What works to keep virus cases low means eliminating travelers from arriving. In the UK and Israel even the fully vaccinated are getting covid, hospitalized, and dying. So if the goal is zero then you simply can't let anyone in from the outside. Even if you did get to travel in you could face quarantines and lockdowns at any moment. Not a risk I would want to take. New Zealanders better get used to Milford Sound, Mount Cook, and sheep (LOL).
  20. No you will not always be within sight of land. Quantum class ships will sail the open Pacific not the inside passage.
  21. For an individual going on vacation December may seem a long way off. For a cruise line that has to do a lot of planning with ports for provisions and servicing December is almost yesterday. South America is over with for 2021 and probably early 2022 for cruising. So is Asia, the South Pacific and the Middle East.
  22. There is no need to worry about full occupancy. So far the cruises that have operated across all lines are getting about 25-30 percent capacity. They are not limited to that number. There are just too few people who want to put up with all the hassles and uncertainty that go along with cruising until the covid stuff is over with. The cruise lines are also shooting them selves in the foot with constant schedule changes and cancellations. Lower capacity will likely mean reduced staff and services so it does have a price.
  23. There are good deals on the airlines but most of them involve using frequent flyer points. There are also some same day of travel or maybe with 24 hours of departure for first class upgrades. For cruises the best deals usually are around the final 50 days of sailing but most of those are for inside cabins. Some of the online travel agencies have good deals for cruises also but you have to dig around. For better cabins I don't often see really low prices. The days of booking way in advance and getting the lowest fare are pretty much over. Seems the book way in advance crowd doesn't mind paying a premium to do so and the cruise lines have figured that out.
  24. Cruise lines are only getting about 25-30 percent capacity on recent sailings. It's not likely to change anytime soon. Most people want to wait for all the covid issues to go away before they invest the time and money to go on a cruise vacation. Too many unknowns that are going to be there right up to your sailing date. Will the cruise get cancelled? Which ship will you actually be on? What ports will you end up going to? I will wait it out, probably the Spring of next year.
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