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  1. I would guess that the cruise that has the water slides, kiddy pools, race cars, etc. caters to a more loud and do what you want crowd - adults and kids alike. Likely, the average person who brings their kids on Celebrity will know what behavior is appropriate on a Celebrity cruise versus a Carnival cruise. Also - you might not have implied that those who bring kids on a Celebrity Cruise are officially breaking the rules but you definitely seem to have an extremely strong dislike for kids on any Celebrity cruise. For someone who is looking forward to a family vacation with their children - it's difficult not to take offense. I am bringing 2 kids on a Celebrity Cruise. I have paid full price for them both. I believe I deserve to enjoy my trip with my kids and not have to worry about people being annoyed that we dare to be on board. Nothing is wrong with enjoying a vacation in peace. I just don't believe you have to turn your nose up at the idea of children being on board to do so.
  2. I'm hesitant to ask after all of the 'kid's don't belong on Celebrity' posts flowing lately but does anyone know if they made any upgrades to the arcade or kids / teen club?
  3. I have to disagree here. Kids don't suddenly behave or not based on how much money their parents paid for a room. And parent's parenting style doesn't suddenly change if they get a free perk. I also disagree that the ship is not designed for kids. There is a kid's club. There is a kid's arcade. There is a Teen club. There are designated kid's activities. There are specific kid's menus. Seems to be you are implying that anyone who brings their kids on this ship is going against the rules - they are not. This is not an adult only cruise ship.
  4. It's interesting how some posters (perhaps kidding, perhaps not) are commenting as if even the sight of a child will ruin their experience - whether well behaved or not. My children travel quite a bit and will be well behaved. We also are getting them their own room (connecting balcony rooms) as we don't want to cram 4 in a room, so we aren't getting the kids travel free benefits. That being said we are paying a lot of money and they have the same right to have fun as any adult. They will be playing basketball on the open court and likely making noise doing so, spending time in the hot tubs, enjoying themselves, etc.
  5. Villauk - Thanks! That's a great idea. We are very excited for the trip.
  6. Thanks! We are on the Millennium. Vancouver to Seward in July.
  7. Well I seem to be the new client Celebrity is targeting. Early 40s, with a 14 and 10 year old. We are going on our first cruise to Alaska this summer. I chose Celebrity specifically because it didn't have all of the crazy kid activities as I want this to be a family vacation where I actually spend time with my family. Not have them off in a kid area all day long and I never see them. I didn't realize there were so many people hoping not to see children on board. Oops.
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