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  1. I wanted to share one last thought about this cruise and it had to do with our flight home. Flight options back to Kansas City on 10/2 were definitely not the most ideal. We ended up booking a non stop flight that left Seatac @ 1035am. I was somewhat nervous about a flight that early, but it worked great. We walked off the ship about 715am and were sitting at our gate in the airport twiddling our thumbs by 830am. I would not hesitate to book a flight that early again in the future.
  2. I just got off the N.A. on 10/2 and any given night in Billboard onboard at least 50% probably closer to 2/3 of the venue had their masks removed for the entire performance once they were seated. In the casino is was absolutely common place to see masks below the nose or even removed for extended periods of time as well. Not one time did any crew member of any rank say something to anyone when I was around. Just sharing my experience as an FYI
  3. The final sea day was prettt laid back and I spent some time in the casino and all played in the final Jackpot bingo of the cruise. Bingo was excited... my brother won the 2nd game (along with 6 other people). He had to split the $140 prize 7-ways so that was a little disappointing, but then he also ended winning the 3rd game and only had to split that with 1 other person so he got like $140 there. The final game of the session was the jackpot game for just under $1800 and I ended up yelling Bingo! In that game! There was also 1 other winner in that game so we each took home just under $900 and didn't have to bother with any tax paperwork! I finished the night off at the craps table with a really nice roll that locked in a nice gambling profit this trip which helps offset the beating I took during the trip earlier this year. Overall another nice, relaxing trip to Alaska with HAL, but the weather and wildlife were not nearly as cooperative this trip as my previous ones. I will probably stick to trips between the last week of May and mid August from now on.
  4. So Ketchikan started they day as cool and rainy, but ended up clearing up to give us a nice afternoon. The lumberjack show and crab feast was an ok to good excursion, but definitely not great. The $150 per person cost felt a little high. $99-$119 would have seemed more inline with the experience. We also walked Creek Street and saw a lot of salmon (mostly dead), and 4 seals.
  5. The crab feast was actually pretty good if all you are going for is the crab. The lodge is about a 20 min coach ride from the ship and wasn't very scenic. The Dungeness crab was delicious and we left stuff. The lumberjack show is pretty cheesy and not sure I would go to it again. It wasn't bad, just extremely staged and cheesy. Overall it was a good excursion, but not a great one.
  6. So we are waiting for the ship to be cleared in Ketchikan. We are going to do the lumberjack show then an all you can eat crab feast today. I have been completely slacking on pictures this trip. I haven't even been taking pics of food. We did eat at Nami/Tamarind on Monday and Pinnacle Grill on Tuesday. We ordered miso soup, spicy tuna, spicy salmon (not on menu), tiger roll, and crab legs at Nami. At PG we both had lobster bisque, Filet + lobster tails, and then skipped dessert. I added on the 5oz lobster tail and my brother did the 12oz. The size contrast of the tails on the plates was pretty amusing. Both specialty restaurants were excellent and significantly better than the MDR has been.
  7. It was a cool and windy day in Skagway, but it was dry so that made it very tolerable. We walked thoughout most of the town and visited some of the buildings. Some pretty interesting historical information was on display. I also had lunch at the Red Onion Saloon and that was a pretty interesting place and I would definitely go back there.
  8. So been a pretty uneventful trip up to Juneau so far. Seas were a little rough, but following for the most part so not that noticeable. Today is extremely overcast with a cold drizzle as we are getting ready to dock in Juneau. We have no excursions planned at all for today and we are just going to see what happens.
  9. Not upset at all. I have not been to Skagway before so I am looking forward to it.
  10. So they have decided to drop sitka from our itinerary and replace it with Skagway. This was based off some predicted bad weather/storms forming. We will be going to skagway on Tuesday and Glacier Bay on Wednesday now.
  11. Well we got delayed on our way to baggage claim as there was a security breach and they had to resolve that before we could proceed. Only took a little over 5 minutes but felt much longer. We have our bags and are waiting on the HAL transfer to load. Hopefully will be on the ship before noon!
  12. Plane just touched down in Seattle and we are still taxing to our gate. Looking out the window it looks like a gorgeous day in Seattle!
  13. Well sleep like crap, which is par for the course the night before a trip. Off to the airport in about 30 mins! P.S. if a mod would like to change the typo in my thread title I would not be offended at all...
  14. So I when Alaska bookings opened up for this year I quickly booked a spot on the 2nd HAL sailing of the season and had such a good time I am going back for the last HAL sailing of this season. The 1st trip was just me and my 2 kids. This trip will be just my brother and me. It is his 1st cruise ever and he is getting really excited. We don't fly out until tomorrow morning so I am a little nervous about that since it is the 1st time I have ever flown in day of the cruise. We completed our BinaxNow at home test a little while ago and both got negative results. The BinaxNow process was so easy. I know the testing requirements have caused a lot of stress for people, but highly recommend the BinaxNow option it was completely stress free. I am not sure if this will end up being a live from or not. I do not have the internet included in my booking and based on my experience earlier in the season I am not sure it is worth purchasing. Either way I will try to provide updates while we are in port.
  15. Was in use on my May 2019 Eurodam cruise.
  16. It was Monday morning when it started acting up on me. Hopefully they do have it figured out and you will be good to go. I don't have it included with my 9/25 sailing and was not planning on buying it based off my experience a month ago. If it works well for you most of the week I may reconsider.
  17. Absolutely agree! This is by far the simplest solution to cruise testing I have found.
  18. From what you posted I am not even sure the rules would require a guest to wear a mask in the crows nest. Masks are not required 100% of the time you are out of your cabin, but some people would like them to be. Other people would like there to be no mask requirements onboard at all. I could definitely see situations where this could cause tension or other issues between cruisers. Which is crazy, but you see it or hear about it almost daily off the ship so I would expect those behaviors to be onboard too.
  19. When we stayed in a Neptune that could accommodate 4 people it had the "old-school" type. In our most recent corner aft neptune that would only allow 3 people it was the other style. I have no idea if the room capacity is the reason or if it is just a mix of the two options. Also, you can request foam toppers for them which makes them a little more bearable.
  20. I definitely should have played slots on that cruise instead of craps. One of the nights they had 3k, 5k, and 10k winners within a 1 hr span. There were numerous hits over $1200 all week long. Was actually pretty crazy considering how small the casino is on the NA.
  21. That was all that was needed for my 12 yr old son on the 7/31 cruise, and he was not scrutinized at all. They barely glanced at our docs. We uploaded our pics to the app before hand and it worked great. They had us go to a little tablet like device that used facial recognition to identify us amd then we held up our passports for it to scan. Got a green ok and was pointed to the ship to walk on. Easiest embarkation I have ever experienced.
  22. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to the updates!
  23. Hope you have a great cruise and get some beautiful weather along the way!
  24. Winning Big when gambling is a relative term depending on the individual gambler. What would you consider big? My SiL won $5k which she considered big cause she only spends like $20 a day in the ship casinos. For others a $5k win, while always nice is just a small blip on the gambling budget.
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