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  1. What month of year would help. Prices swing widely....
  2. Just received one good thru end of 2022 good on any cruise less than 20 days...
  3. For me , it depends on what type of promotion. If it is for free room, I book directly as I feel I would be wasting TA time. If it is just discounted fare, I consult my agent and see if they want to handle it....
  4. Totally agree. If I pay extra, which I often do, to get the seat of my choice, fat chance I am moving for someone who wouldn't/didn't spend the money to sit together!
  5. I did one a few years ago, you are exactly right. The casino was so crowded you could hardly move. I vowed never to do one again, not worth it...
  6. What time of year (weather) might impact my decision. Also your mobility, as terminal 4 can be a long walk depending on gate assignments.
  7. Log in online to your Amex account. There should be a spot that indicates card offers. scroll through and click on the offers you want to activate.
  8. I do believe you have to cross register in advance of boarding, with Crown and Anchor Club, so C&A number can be applied to your reservation.
  9. Have you tried logging on to your Celebrity account. Mine shows there with the option to make the Final Payment.
  10. Probably quicker to get thru to Princess than AA...
  11. The garments may just be a natural protection being worn by all ambulance personnel considering the current situation.
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