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  1. Ship: Symphony of the Seas Deck: Nine Stateroom #: 236 Stateroom Category: Jr. Suite (not sure the specific category) Starboard or Port Side: Port Quiet Stateroom?: Yes (We had loud neighbors on one side but when they were gone it was quiet ) Was stateroom a connecting stateroom?: Not connected Balcony View: View was great. Did not have any obstructions . Balcony Size?: On the bump out so the balcony is larger. Port side - so you can smell the cigarette smoke a little. Any specific problems with this cabin?: No problems with the cabin. Great space, lots of room, fantastic closet. Room steward was just okay. Never brought ice even thought I asked for it. Some days we had 4 bath towels, some days we had 2. Some days we had NO washcloths, some days we did. Took the empty box of Kleenex/tissues and never put a new one back. Super nice guy just very inconsistent.
  2. Not my first cruise. I read the app and saw all of the restaurant times. Just thought they should have been open later. Just my opinion. I was expecting more from Royal Caribbean, that's all. I can appreciate the fact that other have had fantastic cruises and fantastic times on Symphony. My cruise started off rough with a computer outage and I just happen to notice other "issues" that the ship was having. That's all... so I thought I would share them. Ran out of water - could not shower in cabin, could not flush toilets, could not run water of any kind. I wasn't on that floor but plenty of people from that deck were talking about it on the excursion bus.
  3. Room: 9236 (Jr. Suite) Just some random thoughts I wrote down while on board: THE NOT SO GOOD · “Computer glitch” took 90 min to board. The whole process was really unorganized. No room credits or anything for the inconvenience. · The Wi-fi that the crew uses to ring up purchases kept going out so they had to hand write room charges and receipts. Delayed everything. · The “smoking allowed spot” is PORT side, deck 15 or something like that. I could smell it on deck 9, always. · WAY too much Casino smoke. Very poor air filtration. · High speed internet. Not so much. (Some days it worked well but other high traffic times was awful). · Windjammer sucks: EVERYTHING was cold and ALWAYS crowded. Lots of dirty dishes sitting on open tables. · Ship felt short staffed. Had to cancel scrapbooking so the gal who was supposed to host it could go help run “the parade”. A parade? Really? · Many staff members don't know the "rules". I have to go to guest services just to get a dinner reservation in Coastal Kitchen. · Walls are thin. (And yes I had LOUD neighbors on one side) · Beds are hard. · Towels are scratchy. · Room attendant was just okay. I asked for ice and never once had ice. Also took the empty box of Kleenex but never put a full box back. Service was very inconsistent. One day we had 4 bath towels, then we had 2, then we had 3… just odd. He also kept talking our washcloths, without replacing them. · Johnny Rockets closes for breakfast at 10am which is too early. IMHO · Casino “learn to play” was a joke. We showed up and one guy kept complaining about wanting to go to lunch and then when we got to the next table, she said she couldn’t “teach” us because they were open for business. · Playmakers was just so so. Service was slow. · Offer drinks in Windjammer and only tell you after the fact that they will be charging you for them. I should have known… NOTHING is free!! · When we arrived at the room, there were NO keys outside the door. Our room attendant locked keys in the room so had to go get duplicates from guest services just to get in. Apparently we were told that our room attendant was supposed to be there to greet us and let us in the room. He was MIA for most of the first day. We didn’t meet him until day two. · Spend too little time in Ports. · Copper Kettle waitress showed extreme displeasure that we didn't tip here MORE THAN the default 18% gratuity. · All-inclusive food venues close at 6 except pizza. Kept pushing everyone to Windjammer · Hotdog place closed very early as well. · Spa is severely overpriced and the hard sell is VERY annoying. · Walking pathways suck, on many decks you have to walk down the room hallways to get past the hole in the middle of the ship · Deck 5, 6, 7 ran out of water day 7 · Can’t preview pictures if the picture place is not open. The pictures are on a computer… why can’t I see them? · Laser tag was booked SOLID on the first day – for the WHOLE trip. · Show times were often changed or delayed. The floor that covers the ice rink broke a few times. They managed to get it moved, but it delayed the show. THE GOOD · Chops excellent. Best service aside from Coastal Kitchen on the ship. · Room service is even pretty damn good · Starbucks is always good, although not included in the drink package. If you have the beverage package just go to Promenade Café. They have TAZO tea and make great coffee drinks. · 1977 is awesome · Solarium is beautiful & quiet · Flight was good but had some moments that were boring. (For me) · Hiro is good as well. · The App was nice to have for directions and times. When the internet was working well. · Sorrento's is good and open until 3am · Restrooms all around the ship are very nice and clean · Forcing persons entering the buffet to wash their hands first is a very good thing! Love the Purell machines everywhere. Even though Purell doesn't kill Norovirus, I loved it. · AC in room is great · Cans of Coke & Diet Coke available at the Promenade Café. · Go see Henry in Wonderland bar (in 2 months when he is back from vaca). Best bartender on the ship!! · Mini golf was fun.
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