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  1. There never was a option of a waitlist
  2. What are the chances of being able to change my dining time from late dining to either anytime dining or early dining? Late dining was my only option with no waitlist available when I booked online. The cruise is completely booked... Any chance of being able to change it when I get onboard? What would be the best way to accomplish this?
  3. So if I were to say get a drink in the bar and pour it into my own glass, can I then walk out of the bar and take it to my room?
  4. I prefer not to have to worry about money while on vacation, so I tend to pay everything I can ahead of time. So of course I pre paid gratuity. However now I am worrying that since I am not tipping cash, servers and room stewards ect are going to not be as motivated to take care of me as they would if I was handing them cash. Do they know those that paid ahead of time? If I go to the bar, am i going to need to also tip for each drink for them to see me as much of a priority as the person who did not pay ahead and is tipping as they go... Same for the room steward do they know that you tipped them?
  5. The cruise is sold out, went and tried to change my dining and did not have that option.... That first night are you able to talk to the people in charge of the teen clubs before that 8pm mingle? I would like to talk to someone about getting my daughter in the O2 club when we get on the boat.
  6. I am hoping I can get her in, I know her being in High school will help get her in, however I know it is spring break in a lot of places and the cruise is sold out.... She is very mature for her age in size, behavior, everything.... she typically hangs out with the sophomores and juniors in her AP classes.. I cannot see her hanging out with middle schoolers all week.
  7. Well crap,. My kids will be on their 1st cruise at the end of march. I made it mandatory that they go to the first night mixer for club O2 (if I can get my daughter into O2, she is 14 but a freshman) my son is 15. However we have late dining. I guess I will be eating alone the first night. Both of them need to attend the first night or they wont make friends on the cruise. They are not introverted but are a little socially awkward until they feel comfortable. I know they will make friends if they attend the first night mixer.
  8. I wish that I had found this forum before I booked my cruise. I just looked and can see that my room on my upcoming cruise is right above the Piano bar. The cruise is also fully booked from what I can tell, so no calling to change rooms. Anyone have experience on how noisy this will be??? How late is the Piano Bar open?
  9. Where is it in your cruise manager. I havent seen anything there about spending limits
  10. Ok, so that is what I did. I did not put $50 on each card I set a limit of $50 on each card. Thank you so much! I must have just remembered it wrong. I feel better now. No expensive Cologne and new designer shoes will end up on my son. My son sees stores selling high end designer brands and loses all sense of reason.
  11. This will be my kids first cruise and i haven't cruised since 1999.... I'm a little worried about my kids 14 & 15 running up the bill on their sail and sign cards. I got them the bubbles package and I swear when I booked the cruise I put $50 on each of their cards but as I review everything I dont see that reflected anywhere. Can they just run around buying anything they want with their cards? I want to give them freedom to hangout without me but not sure I trust at least one off my not to run up a $10000 bill......
  12. Sailing on the Carnival Glory for my first cruise since 1998. I will be traveling with my 2 teenagers. So I will be pretty much traveling by myself. Any other Single travelers on this sailing. Kinda scared I am going to be wandering around by myself the whole week. LOL
  13. Single female 43, traveling with 2 teenagers on the Carnival Glory March 25-30th. Any other singles on this ship??
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