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  1. Carnival Pride® Cigarette smoking (including electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers) are permitted in the following areas: The Winner’s Club Casino: Smoking is permitted while playing at designated slot machines and table games. The Winner's Club Casino Bar: Smoking is permitted in a designated area during open hours. Beauties Nightclub: Smoking is permitted on the Upper level (but not on the dance floor) during open hours. Outdoors: Smoking is permitted in designated areas on Deck 3 (starboard side), Deck 9 (starboard side) and Deck 10 (starboard side, forwa
  2. Only in the United States, I would drive or fly out of the country to cruise again...:)
  3. This makes sense. As long as I am able to go on a cruise, then I will just be happy to get on the ship...:)
  4. Hi I just noticed that Alaska cruises are no longer showing, even in 2021. Has anyone heard anything?
  5. I am a smoker, so I didn't notice any smoke issues. But I have been on cruises to where the smoke was so bad that it even bothered me. I did not notice or hear anyone else complain about the smoke in the casino.
  6. I booked this cruise only because I received an Elite cruise that was too good to pass up. This cruise included myself and my bestie, I have cruised 4 times with Carnival and it was her first cruise. I am not a very good writer, just wanted to share my experiences that we had on this cruise. The good to the bad The layout of the ship - Loved it. The boat was rocking, but could not be helped due to the weather. Half Moon Cay - Loved it! We rented a cabana and everything was perfect...:) The food at the buffet was outstanding, with no side effects (more on that late
  7. I seen this myself on a few video poker machines on the Pride. Two or three in the same bank as ones that paid the 1000 for a royal flush. And yes, it was on a 5 credit bet. Very sad
  8. We had no problems bringing back a 12-pack when we went to Alaska...:)
  9. That explains why Pride is heading south instead of east this morning
  10. I sail on her on Oct 6th, so I will let you know when I get back. Hopefully someone who knows will let us know soon...:)
  11. I was wondering when sailing out of Baltimore, does the casino open up the first evening? Or does it have to wait until it is out of the Bay.
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