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  1. Carnival Pride® Cigarette smoking (including electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers) are permitted in the following areas: The Winner’s Club Casino: Smoking is permitted while playing at designated slot machines and table games. The Winner's Club Casino Bar: Smoking is permitted in a designated area during open hours. Beauties Nightclub: Smoking is permitted on the Upper level (but not on the dance floor) during open hours. Outdoors: Smoking is permitted in designated areas on Deck 3 (starboard side), Deck 9 (starboard side) and Deck 10 (starboard side, forward). Note: Cigar and tobacco pipes are only permitted in the above outdoor smoking areas
  2. Only in the United States, I would drive or fly out of the country to cruise again...:)
  3. This makes sense. As long as I am able to go on a cruise, then I will just be happy to get on the ship...:)
  4. Hi I just noticed that Alaska cruises are no longer showing, even in 2021. Has anyone heard anything?
  5. I am a smoker, so I didn't notice any smoke issues. But I have been on cruises to where the smoke was so bad that it even bothered me. I did not notice or hear anyone else complain about the smoke in the casino.
  6. I booked this cruise only because I received an Elite cruise that was too good to pass up. This cruise included myself and my bestie, I have cruised 4 times with Carnival and it was her first cruise. I am not a very good writer, just wanted to share my experiences that we had on this cruise. The good to the bad The layout of the ship - Loved it. The boat was rocking, but could not be helped due to the weather. Half Moon Cay - Loved it! We rented a cabana and everything was perfect...:) The food at the buffet was outstanding, with no side effects (more on that later). Cabin - The bed were comfortable and it was always clean with fresh ice in the evenings. The cabin was a little stuffy, so we asked for a fan after the first night and it helped out a lot. Casino - This is where it started going bad. The first time ever where I seen that you do not get paid 1000.00 if you hit a royal flush on video poker on SOME of the machines, when you bet 5x. There were two machines that I accidently found and I am glad that I always look at the payout before I start playing, only paid like 375.00 if you play 5x instead of the usual 1000.00. This really left a bad taste, as I feel sorry for the people who were playing but didn't look at the pay table. The Elite casino host attitude was awful. Maybe it was my personality and her personality clashed, but she is the only host that I have ever disliked. I received my fun money and parking fees refunded with no issue. The drink service was amazing! Food - The food was good at the time that we ate it, but the afterwards were just awful! I would have thought that I had a stomach flu or something, but I don't think it was that since we both experienced the same thing. I have never smelled the smell what came out the other end in my life. I have never experienced this before and I hope I never experience that smell again. The only thing that I can describe the smell as is raw sewage. This was through the whole cruise, with the exception of Half Moon Cay. Overall, I don't think that I will ever sell again on the Pride, as the food kind of did me in. I have already booked another cruise with Carnival....:)
  7. I seen this myself on a few video poker machines on the Pride. Two or three in the same bank as ones that paid the 1000 for a royal flush. And yes, it was on a 5 credit bet. Very sad
  8. We had no problems bringing back a 12-pack when we went to Alaska...:)
  9. That explains why Pride is heading south instead of east this morning
  10. I sail on her on Oct 6th, so I will let you know when I get back. Hopefully someone who knows will let us know soon...:)
  11. I was wondering when sailing out of Baltimore, does the casino open up the first evening? Or does it have to wait until it is out of the Bay.
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