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  1. FYI, carnival gift cards are back in stock on Allstate rewards at 12% off in 100, 500, and 1000 denominations.
  2. Noticed last week my fcc disappeared from my account. Received my credit today for my May 31st Bermuda cruise I submitted on May 7th, very happy it was ahead of schedule and hoping this is a good sign for those still waiting. Fyi, I did not get an email notifying me to expect the refund, was hopeful it was on the way since the fcc disappeared and it was.
  3. I paid for DSC, priority boarding, and a transfer to the airport and my email with the FCC amount correctly included it and the 25% bonus was calculated with those items included also. I am the only person on the reservation, not sure if that matters.
  4. I’ve seen a couple trip reports that thought it was worth it to ensure getting the Vibe passes. Other than that, it’s been lukewarm. I went ahead and got it for my trip to get the Vibe passes and hoping it helps me get off the ship faster for my 12:30pm flight out of LGA. I was excited about using it to get an omelette in the morning but the reviews for room service omelettes sound awful lol.
  5. Maybe they made an error in my favor but I was able to apply it for my upcoming cruise. I just looked at my receipt again and it is 159 for an 8 day single pass and it says promotion applied 31.80 off for 127.20 total. You are correct, the email and banner for the spa code when they ran it said it was for treatments, but it did let me use it for the pass. Doing my research, I have heard some people with the pass get charged again by the spa once onboard so I’m going to double check my sail and sign during my cruise for billing errors.
  6. Another option is to watch out for the 20% off spa codes, they work for the passes too not just massages. I did that along with using the gift cards from Allstate drive wise for an extra 10% off for my magic cruise next week, can’t wait to try it out.
  7. Thanks OC for the detailed instructions. Very easy and already got my account up to the same amount of points I had on Rewards for Good.
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