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  1. I’m looking for other cruisers views on the Holland America Cruise line ship... Veendam. Is it a good ship, bad ship, ok ship, no opinion?
  2. Well I’m sure my Dad would be happy about there won’t be some crazy stage hypnotist show on the Cunard line ships ... but if you saw the picture of what happened to my Dad’s feet at the last hypnotist show ( on a different cruise line) wherever it is posted it is pretty funny especially for the other cruisers who saw that show.
  3. This trip on the Queen Mary 2 sounds like it could be a good option ... Transatlantic, New England, and Canada 30 Days.... too bad though it’s already underway but perhaps the same route might be offered again or something similar.
  4. My Dad reminded me about the last stage hypnotist show he went to on a cruise and ended up a volunteer with his feet completely covered with super industrial permanent markers up to his mid calves so of course he probably would avoid those shows and stay at the cigar lounge. There is a picture of what happened to my Dad’s feet posted somewhere here.🙄.
  5. Thanks for your responses... I think if I were to go in a direction I would want to go from Europe to The US... preferably Southampton to NY... of course minus hitting an iceberg. My Dad would be happy there would be a cigar bar for an after dinner cigar or a good anytime cigar. My Mom and I would hope the entertainment is good especially if there were a hypnotist show or the big “Broadway “ style shows.
  6. I'm interested in taking a cruise on the Cunard Queen Mary 2 sometime (with or without my Parents) but I'm wondering if it is like the the way the older classic ships were divided by cabin class (first, second, third) and their respective areas ie~ Titanic......or is it more like the modern cruise ships where anyone can pretty much go anywhere on the ship?
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