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  1. Very good comments and follow-ups from worldtraveller99, jimdee3636, Les and Mr. Banjo. Agree for the cruise ships doing "Cruises to Nowhere", it is partly about their cash flow, but also about proving to the CDC and customers that they can do things "THE RIGHT WAY". Agree with Mr. Banjo that summer or September 2021 is more likely for starting to get back to some form approaching a type of "normal". Whatever "normal" means??!! From the New York Times yesterday, they had this headline: “The Newest Hotel Amenity? Virus-Scrubbed Air" with this sub-headline: "Hotels, and even som
  2. Sounds wonderful for Fletcher to be mentioning and seriously considering that Silver Wind April 2022 "adventure" in, around, up and down, the amazing Amazon River. We have fun, fond memories from our sailing on the Silver Cloud there, exploring around Manaus, etc., in 2015. Glad that brimary and Stumblefoot made mention about these Amazon options. There is no river in the world as big, powerful and special as the Amazon. Below is a map for that April 2022 sailing, plus a couple of our best memory visuals from doing this sailing in 2015. Good luck with this future planning and
  3. From the Orlando newspaper link below a few minutes ago, they had this headline: “Disney Cruise Line follows suit, cancels sailings until March” with these highlights: “Disney Cruise Line followed other lines in canceling sailings through February 2021. This week, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line and MSC Cruises all took at least another month of sailings off the books as they gear up to satisfy requirements from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now Disney has pushed sailings for all four of its ships into March wit
  4. From FOX News two days ago, they had this headline: “Royal Caribbean sailing first cruise since COVID-19 suspension 9 months ago” with these highlights: “Royal Caribbean’s first cruise in nearly nine months set sail on Tuesday, marking another step forward to normalcy for the industry that has largely been put on hold by the COVID-19 pandemic. The cruise line has scheduled three- and four-night “ocean getaway” cruises aboard the Quantum of the Seas through March. The voyages are round trips from and to Singapore with no stops along the way. Royal Caribbean is accepting only Singapore resident
  5. Very good above comment and follow-up. Here in the USA, we have not gotten beyond the expected priorities for those in nursing homes and health care workers as being first-in-line. Being a "seasoned-citizen", we should be in the receiving line earlier than most. Maybe late January or February or early March??!! From the New York Times yesterday, they had this headline: “A Covid-Free Cruise Takes Planning" and then this sub-head: "Singapore allows cruises to nowhere, helping a struggling industry. That means socially distanced buffet lines, electronic monitoring and hand saniti
  6. Many super cute and interesting items here at The Cooler. I especially loved this one: "At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on, point a hair dryer at passing cars, and watch them slow down!" THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  7. Glad that Lois is headed in the right, improving direction, hopefully!! Good luck! Saw below on the Internet. Cute item of clothing?? I don't think it would be wise to order one of these for my wife. She would not appreciate this type/sense of humor!! Right? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  8. YES! YES!!! Super agree that this Feb. 14, 2022, Singapore to Mumbai, sailing is going to be a "GREAT VOYAGE!" And, with Stumblefoot, Dr. Ron, etc., etc., on board that would make it so much more fun, hyper interesting and exciting. Personally, as I noted earlier, I was ready to book it right now. BUT, my wife has some legitimate concerns, questions and issues. Need to listen to your wife, especially when she has medical background and experience??!! Maybe things will change and the overall world-wide situations will become clearer and better by late Spring or Summer? Will
  9. Agree above!! 100%!! Would be very interested as to any updates and/or added details from Barbara M about any fare options if we would choose to pass on the "opportunity" to enjoy the "FREE" excursions. There was a Feb. 14, 2022, Singapore to Mumbai, 18-day, Silver Moon, sailing that we have been seriously considering. BUT, we are not sure for my wife that the level of health conditions in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc., inspire her “highest confidence” as to what will be their future levels of vaccine usage/treatment, etc., by that time. Trying to do this trip at that time
  10. Agree that some type of "vaccine certification" might be required and/or done for those traveling and cruising in the future. Above, you mentioned about what happens with yellow fever. Good point and mention. As we prepared for our 2015 Amazon River cruise on the Silver Cloud, we faced that specific health requirement. But as we worked to meet that requirement, we discovered that my wife had an immune issue and taking such a "live vaccine" was not best and/or safe for her. Our solution? We had a letter from a MD specifically speaking to her limitations and why she did not ta
  11. The snow is still on the ground here in Central Ohio. BUT, fortunately, we have wonderful sunshine, making it an exceptionallyl early December day in the winter-like Midwest. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  12. YES, good luck to Lois in dealing with that "Medical FUN!!" Below is the "look" from out my bedroom window when I got up this morning. Snow on December 1!! Wake up, it's winter time!! Fortunately, the roads were not too bad. Don't the trees look great as they are "bathed" in the white frosty? Sorry that Florida, etc., misses this winter fun and these scenic sights. Right or wrong? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  13. Had a light snow/frosting this morning. Later tonight, real snow will be arriving. Parts of Ohio will received the "gift" of three to six inches. For our Central Ohio area, maybe only 1-2". And, it's only November 30, right now. Winter is nearly here in the Midwest!!?? THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
  14. Appreciate ALL of these great comments and follow-ups, including the very good summary by Doc Ruth. Happy to see that Doc Ruth posted a more positive note with "I just though I’d put this out there as a postscript to my previous grim post. From today’s NY Times article on the 'Virus ... Gains Steam All Around' ". YES, the progress with vaccines is helpful in seeing a future. It's just a matter of "WHEN" and "HOW"!!?? Many important details are needed to be seen and happening during the coming weeks and months. Wonderful additional posts and sharing from CruiserFromMaine and
  15. Many great, fun and interesting posts here at The Cooler. Sun coming out nicely now this morning here in Central Ohio. Now 35F. Will be high of 48F. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be getting snow!! Winter is coming!! Below are some quotes from a couple of new characters. Both are well-known TV stars from here in the U.S.. THANKS! Enjoy! Terry in Ohio
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