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  1. The first stimulus check we got by direct deposit. The recent one came as a debit card which I was able to set up an account with the EIP and get transferred to my bank. We also do not have to pay any taxes nor do we collect refunds. They had our direct deposit number from when we could get refunds before hubby retired. Not sure why the card this time.
  2. Thank you, everyone. I kept back two of his shirts he bought specifically for the cruise and am wearing those as sleep shirts. I also still have his unopened Princess slippers. Bags of things we collected in the Alaskan ports and that were given out such as the Daily Patter. I do cherish those. I would absolutely do a cruise solo if I could get to the port. I do not drive and live in Idaho, and I also do not fly (ear issues), but thanks for the idea.
  3. Just thought I would pop in here to let you know that our first cruise was also our last. My husband passed suddenly from a heart attack Saturday, January 9th, here at home. 2021 sucks worse than 2020 for me. 😪
  4. I have my fingers crossed that since the Governor might be approving everyone 65 and older (instead of 75 and older), and since they said that nearly half of our population is 65 and over, that Rite Aid might be giving out the vaccines. They sent me an E-Mail when they were doing testing, so if so, I should be getting an E-Mail from them if they do the vaccines. Fingers crossed! 🤞
  5. We are still on the front line health care workers, first responders, and residents and staff of nursing homes here. They have a dash board up for when it is "available for everyone else" which looks to be sometime in April, but from what I have heard, if you do not have an assigned health care provider (which I do not . . . I do not go to the doctor unless I have an urgent need and then just take whoever is available) it may be even longer, possibly as late as September. I thought Rite Aid might be giving them out (our only pharmacy here) but seems they are not on the list. People living
  6. The one day in all of this so far that I did not feel weird singing the happy birthday song while washing my hands. 🤣
  7. It was indeed! Talked on the telephone with my Aunt who lives in another state. Got some gift cards as presents and have already spent half of one on a music maker program which I have already created a couple of songs with. 😊
  8. I am grateful that I survived this last year and now have awoken this morning to be one year older today. When I sign in to Twitter, I get those adorable balloons! If you have cake and ice cream wherever you are, be sure to have some today. I would send you some, but they do not have an up-load for food items on this forum. Stay safe everyone and lets get through this next year and come out the other side to the normal we once knew. 🎂
  9. Double posted, but anyway . . . have a good one and a safe one from McCall!
  10. Me, too! I have him up on another tab right now. Sign of 2020. Santa is wearing a face mask despite the fact that up there he is already social distancing. Just me and hubby for Christmas in our home. Lots of telephone contact with loved ones though. Merry Happy Season Greetings Christmas Holiday! 🎅🤶🌲🎄
  11. For a week now we have been in an inversion, basically meaning that our air is "stuck". This puts us in a not so nice category of air quality, and we are asked to refrain from running gasoline powered vehicles and/or equipment as well as no indoor or outdoor burning. I am okay with the furnace for heat since the wood stove makes a mess to clean up anyway. No snow, no rain, no wind here. It is like we are in a vacuum. Every day they say in the next day or two it will clear, but it never does. This must be a meteorological time warp. 🙄😶
  12. Then, of course . . . it would not be Christmas without one of these which we purchased a few years back but is now behind some other stuff on a shelf. Really need to keep it safe because it is "fra-gee-lay". 😉
  13. Our Christmas tree for the last several years. Yes, getting old for us means cutting back on the work.
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