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  1. We were in hazardous then unhealthy for everyone off and on for a few days, and have now dropped to sensitive groups unhealthy and edging towards moderate. It started raining late this afternoon in McCall, Idaho. Hoping it stops the Woodhead Fire just south of Council now as that was a major source of smoke and a bit of a concern on how fast it was moving in the direction of New Meadows and McCall. A couple of days ago, someone we know in New Meadows said it was raining ash. Be safe, all, and if it is your time to get out and breathe, enjoy!
  2. Two years were having a conversation one day. 1999: "I remember Y-2-K. That was some year. Had the whole world in an uproar." 2020: "Hold my beer." 😵😨
  3. I wish our dog knew how to use the toilet and flush. We have been pretty good at keeping the smoke out (we hit hazardous level . . . the highest level) today. McCall had the worst air quality in the entire state. We have to open the door to let her out to the yard and she seems to be oblivious and taking her time to do her business and get back inside. We do run a humidifier, so maybe that is helping. Stay safe, all! Hope if you have loved ones in the immediate fire danger, that they are safe as well. Monitoring the news to try and keep informed.
  4. If you decide on Idaho, stay out of the entire western half. We are under unhealthy for everyone smoke conditions. We also have at last count 12 fires burning in the state, two of them close to me in McCall. They expect this to continue at least until Friday. Hopefully we can get some rain. We were in that awful wind storm Monday and Tuesday that whipped all of these fires out of control. Stay safe, everyone.
  5. Actually, that was the only definition I ever knew of having never heard of the game. Add to that, I used to say that I always believed some rest area toilet paper was merely paper thin dried out corn cobs judging from its sand paper quality. Either way, your post made my day!
  6. Thanks, Tony . . . I am sure they know that already and I rarely see them anyway. One is a part-time (only two months out of the year and lives in another state) resident of the house. I just wish the Census Bureau would not make us responsible for the actions or inactions of others. We did ours on line the day we got the notice. I guess not everyone is as vigilant as we are. 🤓
  7. Valley County, Idaho, is up to 80 in our case count and have had one death so far. The weather was in the extreme heat range here and then came a dry thunder storm which sparked a wild fire five miles from McCall. The smoke haze has been largely hazardous any time of the day or evening, but the sun being blocked out for the most part has cooled it down slowly. Sunday morning it should be only in the fifties with a high of around 60 that day and still cool Monday. They said the air should be clear for us until the heat comes back in slowly warming us up and hazing everything back over (from fires in Oregon and California as the one by us was 100% contained recently). I have not gone anywhere in 16 days. We do not have company in, just my husband and myself. Before that, had not been out for 18 days. I only go to the stores as needed. I am getting these census takers bugging me about my neighbors, wanting me to answer their questionnaire for them and when I refuse to do that, they shove informational flyers at me and demand I take it to the neighbors for them. I have an E-Mail in to the Census Bureau about the one doing this (twice this week) to me because either the neighbor in question that day was not home or refused to answer the door. In this time of pandemic, a compromised senior citizen should not be putting themselves at risk doing the job of the census taker. Before I can confront the taker with this information, they have scooted off of my property and disappeared. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. Woke up to skies like that today. A new fire which I can actually see from the front of my house has joined with 12 others in Payette National Forest. This one is the Copeland Fire. Cannot even stand to be outside for more than a few minutes, it is so thick. They are hoping we can get the cool front moving in to push some of the smoke out by tomorrow. I feel for all of you in California. I have a friend that lives there and in addition to the fires being so numerous and getting dangerously close to homes and businesses, I understand your heat has been unbearable as well and that you are enduring rolling black outs. Take care!
  9. {Reaches across from the side of her irrigation ditch} Thank you! 😁
  10. Pardon me, but would you have some Grey Poupon to put on that?
  11. Not even sure what wine you serve with clay pigeons. 😵
  12. Hi, Nini . . . probably a full day drive then to get here. We are planning a trip to Bellingham for September. We have family business there we need to take care of after one of our family passed away in June. Our area of Idaho is going to be excessively hot for the next week to two weeks. Our weather anchor says we are now in the "dog days of summer". Boise could see 109 before the weekend is over. McCall in the nineties. Glad you got to see Neowise! ☀️☄️
  13. Do a search on "Boondocking Idaho". You will find lots of isolated gems of places you can go, some even with natural hot springs. Plenty of You Tube videos on the subject.
  14. I hate wearing the masks, too. Now that the summer heat is here, I find sweat running into the mask, and they get soggy and hard to breathe through (cloth ones). I only go out every week to two weeks to get essentials, preferring not to deal with any of it at least as little as possible. Talked with a brother-in-law in Oregon this morning on the telephone. He said I should consider the plastic face shields. Are they effective? Does anyone know if they can replace masks? Stay safe, all, and congratulations to Scotland on their mitigation success. Hope it stays that way after schools and other restrictions are lifted.
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