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  1. Not an original thought, but for many of us.....our last cruise was our last cruise.
  2. Europa2 is a fantastic ship, no question. And with 100 passengers, the smoke cannot be too bad. In real life, this ship and Europa sails full. If you're a person bothered by smoke, you will not be visiting a bar. Am wondering if we've met M&PGermany while sharing PH Spa suite deck. Nice couple that does not like sailing on a ship full of Germans. Not an uncommon thought. Laughed when told I had paid to join the H-L frequent sailor club. Always had hoped to meet up again and laugh. 100 passengers and not a full complement of crew means they can afford t
  3. Disagree......it's a totally fine line for a person that wants to be alone. Not everyone aboard is interested in meeting/talking with other passengers. Posting on here does not make for expert opinion. Oh, and our dinner tables on pool deck were often next to one another during 2014 WC.
  4. This thread is an interesting read. I like Crystal a lot. Didn't begin until they went inclusive. Mostly Serenity and twice on Symphony. Serenity Hotel Managers live in two different worlds. One very excellent and one extremely poor. Poor to the point that we witnessed a crew work action on one five day cruise. Call it a well organized work stoppage. Enough to put anyone off on sailing Crystal again. I'd say majority of unhappy current/former customers had a hard time switching to inclusive. Like others, I find the passenger mix on Crystal to be one of their worse fe
  5. At least in the US, the crippling after effects receives about zero press. You'll read something about the subject if you search on the internet.
  6. Am curious if anyone knows of a person that has been stricken with this virus. Do you know anyone that knows anyone that has contracted the virus? I'm thankful that I do not and would like to keep it that way. It's a question I often ask, and so far the count stays at zero.
  7. TUI---Hapag Lloyd another obvious miss from list.
  8. Float......and I ain't referring to anything that will happen this year.
  9. I'm surprised OP had to ask a rhetorical question. He probably knew the answer five seconds after hitting the send button. To Davey.....I think your avid cruiser category is high.....way too high. In this category, a good percentage will disqualify themselves for future cruises. The cruise lines will lop off another percentage of the avid category implementing changes that will be a turn off. A high percentage of would be cruisers will settle for land based holidays for a hundred different reasons.
  10. Of course, luxury is an opinion. A hellavalot more people think their Carnival cruises are luxury compared to the number of Crystal customers thinking of theirs as luxury.
  11. Well, at least calling Gauguin a luxury ship provided a light laugh on this thread. Looking at volume and the people posting on the Seabourn forum, I'd say many have moved on. In the overall scheme of things,
  12. At least we know early that December is out.
  13. You could call the company five times today and get a different response every call.
  14. Travel Agents must love the new policies. I feel badly for the independent types working from their homes.
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