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  1. IMO, sooner RCL has complete control, better for the passenger class. I know most posting on here are loyal fan club members. But how can you continue to blindly sign up for cruises with a line you have been sailing for 20+ years? Sure, comfort level while on board. And honestly, I prefer the passenger mix on Silversea to other lines we sail. But the company itself has been lacking for years versus their competition. Obvious to anyone that has eyes to see.
  2. For those on the October 1 sailing, we're about three weeks from final pay up. It will be interesting to see if Crystal cancels before or within a week after due date. For the people booked on the October cruises. Do you care about port stops? My preference would be to skip the stops, Miami and San Juan only. Put that cash savings back to OBC.
  3. Pricing will depend whether a company is happy to sail at 40% capacity with yesterday's prices or discount to get up to 80%. We see what Crystal did with the October Serenity offers. The itineraries are a bit less likely to happen today than when announced. It will be interesting to see if they will cancel before final payment is due, or wait until the following week to cancel. Bright as we might be from watching this industry pretty close up for years, it would be foolish to think anyone knows what is happening next week. Why would they?
  4. What could possibly be the downside of floating around the Caribbean during October?
  5. All those words can be condensed to two. Common sense. Which does not apply to elected officials.
  6. Good info on extending date to make reservations. Wasn't sure it would work......now we know. On the Caribbean route, it seems Antigua is the one spot that rejects a passport short of six month expiry.
  7. So today's email offer is deposit reduction from 25 to 15% for cruises booked into 2023. No thanks. I do not mind putting in $100 for an October cruise likely to be cancelled before final payment is due. A deposit of thousands in current climate will not work (for me).
  8. Yeah.....and Chinese tourists.
  9. Obviously, you're not glued to the news on ABC, CBS, NBC, or the commentary stations MSNBC and CNN.
  10. Oct 1 for two weeks. December 2 for two weeks. Expires February 2021. Checked renewal website three days ago and they said only renewals for life and death situations. Am not in panic mode, but would like for Crystal to lift the lock on their demand for six months before expiration date, given current situation.
  11. Thanks Roland....TA has not been her normal self in responding. Understandable and thought others might be facing same situation.
  12. You are responding to a totally different issue than brought up by OP. Any habitual cruiser with common sense knows quiet is good policy. Booking the October cruises......like buying lottery tickets, a $200 deposit buys a cool state of mind for at least a week. Crystal's terms are good enough that cancellation could well happen before final payment is due. If not, and cruise is cancelled after final payment, we'll get to know the feeling of buying a bunch of losing lottery tickets. Just don't toss the tickets right away.
  13. Is it a Crystal rule, or US law that requires six months remaining validity from ending date of cruise? Can't register online because dates conflict. Looks like they have not been doing passport renewals since March.
  14. Yes....and agree. Booked 14 days early October because the terms are reasonable, which is more important than the low price. Save seven day freebie for December.
  15. Another email requesting survey be completed. Like charitable contributions, there is an annual limit. Mine has been reached for both.
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