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  1. I am reading question by OP as what grade of beef is purchased. I'm curious, too. Will investigate this week, providing an honest person can be found to respond.
  2. 15 days short of a two week freebie and I really would like to get to that elusive 500 day mark. I've been saying this for two years and reading this thread will put it off another year....at least.
  3. Shopping with the chef is a very tough go for folks in a wheelchair.
  4. Fresh fish? My idea of local cuisine on board a ship is being docked in Bergen and having the chef go to market and bring back enough king crab legs to feed the entire ship while drinking beer on deck with the sun shining.
  5. No. Most provisions are sitting in a container waiting for the ship to arrive. There are local suppliers in certain ports. I'd say local choices have declined since HAL has ruled.
  6. On any ship, on any line with this type crew, they are eating rice. And more rice. And they're all smiling.
  7. I never witnessed the lineup for Waterside. Anyone with one eye could have predicted a 6 PM rush hour. By far, the most elderly and strangest group of passengers. Very few looked like they knew anything about Crystal. We did see a couple during lunch a few times. Very attractive, well dressed, Crystal regulars and totally out of place with the surrounding crowd. Three dinners in Waterside. All food very good. Service wise we sat with the A team first evening, B team second and D for the third. Appeared to be many new employees. First Crystal cruise that I did not recognize a single crew or passenger. It's my second on Symphony versus approx eighteen on Serenity. Disembarked in San Francisco as did approx 100 crew. I've done this route several times between Seabourn and Crystal. It's a cheap seat.
  8. One brand mentioned is spring water, the other purified tap water. Probably 90% of plastic bottled water in USA is some variation of tap water from a municipal water supply and it is this product that really drives me up the wall for wasted plastic. IMO, should be outlawed.
  9. Neiman Marcus has their stuff. $1,000 for a pair of tennis shoes.
  10. Is anyone assuming anything about what people do with unsealed or reusable bottles placed in the room? I wouldn't touch it. Use your imagination and you will realize not only water can go into a water bottle. Silversea went this direction a long time ago. True luxury.
  11. Weekly capacity from 600, to more than 1350, to 2000. What could possibly go wrong? If more people sailing with an NCL company knew of the current value SB offers, they would graduate to a higher level of cruising. If you're buying CCL for a small OBC, I cannot help you. Plenty of passengers bought for less than $30/share.
  12. This is what you would know only if you tried booking Europa or Europa 2. It can be frustrating!
  13. My error misreading not the only American passengers. You have mentioned the London exhibits how many times? Expanding fleet in need of expanding markets. You know damn well H-L caters to the German market. In North America, their marketing effort needs help if they are to make inroads. Guess H-L does not limit their poor land based customer service to USA. Good to know.
  14. If you are a US citizen, the sooner you realize H-L is a German line catering to the German market, the better off you will be. Personally, I like the the company and how it operates. Just because the marketing department has decided to make a lame effort at taking a stab at the North American market doesn't mean everyone (including their loyal passengers) is on board. That you were the only Americans booked is more typical of the three cruises I have been on with H-L.
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