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  1. Gary....I've learned a lot and have enjoyed your posts. In real life, not sure many people like you exist.
  2. Let me know when they begin cruises to nowhere from USA port. Then, I'll sign up.
  3. Today's e-mail promo reads ....all guests for 2021 cruises must be Covid vaxed. Our intent is for the crew to be vaxed. I didn't use quotes because I do not know how to spell words that have more than six letters.
  4. If you're happy with V3 location, I would advise keeping it over a V6 GTY. At this point, they should be able to assign a V6 and let you choose. Too bad the land office cannot come close to the on board experience.
  5. You might want to consider your second best itinerary. Ship docking at 5 AM is no indicator of when you are able to disembark. Pray for no strikes happening on your arrival date.
  6. Yes, like others on here, I' gave up on SS a decade ago. Maybe three cruise in past ten years just to check if anything has changed. It has not. We've had a brief talk in OB and based on that two minute conversation, I believe Crystal would be a good fit. You might like it better than SB. Better wine, served in real wine glasses. Better food. Real entertainment at the bars. Overall, crew more professional. Worse thing is probably your fellow passengers. More obnoxious types on board than on other lines. No worries....they're not in your face and plenty of regular
  7. Your thoughts regarding Crystal? Scenic, Ritz Carlton, Atlas.....all untried and unproven. Probably a couple more lines that I'm missing in this category. Their crew will come from somewhere. How many former SB crew will we see? H-L....tried and proven. Not suggested for sociable, non smoking Americans. Skipping the obvious with wide CC following.
  8. There are so many equal, better, or just slightly lesser than SB alternatives. More than there were before the halt. Don't confuse loyalty (programs) with being practical.
  9. In July, partnership between JetBlue and AA will mean collecting miles back and forth. Not sure what else is in the program.
  10. QG, PG, steerage....I've done the three classes on QM2. Some things that annoy me in the Grills. Tossing a healthy bribe to maitre d first evening to secure a decent table for the crossing. QG serves sevruga caviar and they act like it's something special. It's not, and once is enough. If you're booking QG, better do your homework before booking accommodations. It's a very wide range of offerings. We were in a bath/tub combo in what seemed like three foot tall tub walls. I can see why some would prefer QG. They seem like two different experiences, tough to c
  11. The charity, if it is a charity, is purely Italian based. In other words, nobody knows exactly what goes where. It's a non-issue as it's easy to decline as many have said. If it continues, there must have been a clause in the contract with RCL purchase. Regarding laundry.....SS is same day service, SB next day is standard. Extra charge for same day. My opinion is SS does a better job in this and maybe two other categories. Plenty of unbridled smoke on SS, especially if sailing with M & L.
  12. Five days later and I think you can see that free is not always free. So many things wrong with this picture. Not the least of which is having to pay for WiFi while being held captive.
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