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  1. We use Priority Pass to gain entrance. $31 is overpriced. Maybe not, if downstairs is overcrowded.
  2. Oh yes, cannot wait to read what Nina thinks of SS twenty years later. Butler service hint: If you have shoes that you do not want to be touched, lock 'em up. Shoe shine is part of the service. Suede shoes, cloth shoes, alligator, lizard.....they shine 'em all.
  3. Gary, your posts are so believable. Glad you have accepted Crystal for what it is today. Twenty cruises on Crystal is not that many. If it is twenty over twenty years, that's a different story. If the woman that reminds you of your mother is a regular sailor, she is no problem to the crew. They expect the behavior. Expected bad behavior tends not to be a burden to crew. Now, if you started throwing a fit, that would be a problem. You might come to the same conclusion I have had regarding Crystal. The only real negative being your fellow passengers. It's just the way it is. Wait 'til the ships are sailing closer to full. You'll have the same great service, F&B, and even more obnoxious passengers. You'll gravitate to your own kind and they are easily found.
  4. This market segment is exploding with new ships. You made the right choice, IMO.
  5. So many pieces of the puzzle need to fit together. Would like to do Serenity from Miami. If booked, it will be within ten days of departure. So looking forward to a week or two of decent dining. Covid has eliminated my desire for restaurants. The few meals at restaurants the past two months have proven to be very poor value......very disappointing.
  6. ME, perhaps you meant to address this to sfvoyage. Silver, maybe do a monthly reminder on here of the proper spelling. I would do it, but my sensitivity level would come across as being harsh.
  7. Many items SFO pointed out as missing on SS were, in fact, one time features. Friends of Bill mentioned daily in the paper. Not so Friends of Dorothy. One night of drinking with some hotel side officers in The Bar I asked to have Friends of Dorothy put into the daily paper. Staff meeting the next morning left fellow officers bewildered, but as promised, it was printed. Once. Shadow is....or was home to one of the truly idiot hotel directors at sea. Not sure he is still on board. Several good guys in that position have ended up on SB.
  8. Terribly off season to match. Got to hand it to Foxy......now he has real ships landing at his place.
  9. 1) Great reading ME posts. 2) I was responding to posts 31 and 32. Questioning why anyone would dine ashore when they have access to the ship's food. And the best food is on SS, why would one think of going elsewhere. 3) These new ships sound like they are part of a company unrelated to the SS I've known since 2001. Looking forward to trying Moon and passing the mark for a two week freebie cruise. 4) Very happy to see Anne-Marie climbing the ranks. Sailed with her during her first contract. She's excellent and has had to tolerate a lot mediocrity thru the years. 5) Yes, SS excels in the laundry department. I've always said SS passengers are the best IME. But the food? No way. Maybe RCI has allowed them to up their game. Much like HAL downgraded the Seabourn kitchen experience. Anyway, there is lots of (new) competition for this market segment.
  10. OMG......have you ever been to a real restaurant?
  11. On Silversea, the destination speaker is considered enrichment. Often times a person reciting a travel guide. Your review matched the experience on our last SS cruise on Wind two or three years ago. You cannot reason with SS regulars. Free laundry after 100 days converts to lifetime loyalty for many. It does sound like the new ships are interesting enough to try.
  12. Tell us you are still a fan of this dream.
  13. Saga....Carnival? Probably not.
  14. You are correct and I agree. I'll always think of Odyssey class as the newer ships. Newer....newest.
  15. Gee whiz Luxury, you can almost get me on a new SS ship. I've been a few days short of a two week freebie on SS for about ten years. It's been difficult justifying the time/expense to climb aboard a SS ship. The laundry facility on SB ships is pathetic. The former regime originally omitted them on the newer ships. Later relented and installed four cheap W/D in two tiny spaces. It's a department SS wins over SB and Crystal beats both.....by far. And yes, I cruise to do my own laundry.
  16. We'll consider one of the last three sailings from Miami. We'll decide two or three weeks before departure. The Bahamas departure was never tempting. I'd like to see the company succeed, but doubt they are in a better place today than a year ago. The first two departures this month might have been the Golden Age for Crystal 2021. Who knows? Cheaper to provision out of Miami. That might have been 24th on the list of reasons make this change.
  17. Gary....I've learned a lot and have enjoyed your posts. In real life, not sure many people like you exist.
  18. Let me know when they begin cruises to nowhere from USA port. Then, I'll sign up.
  19. Today's e-mail promo reads ....all guests for 2021 cruises must be Covid vaxed. Our intent is for the crew to be vaxed. I didn't use quotes because I do not know how to spell words that have more than six letters.
  20. If you're happy with V3 location, I would advise keeping it over a V6 GTY. At this point, they should be able to assign a V6 and let you choose. Too bad the land office cannot come close to the on board experience.
  21. You might want to consider your second best itinerary. Ship docking at 5 AM is no indicator of when you are able to disembark. Pray for no strikes happening on your arrival date.
  22. Yes, like others on here, I' gave up on SS a decade ago. Maybe three cruise in past ten years just to check if anything has changed. It has not. We've had a brief talk in OB and based on that two minute conversation, I believe Crystal would be a good fit. You might like it better than SB. Better wine, served in real wine glasses. Better food. Real entertainment at the bars. Overall, crew more professional. Worse thing is probably your fellow passengers. More obnoxious types on board than on other lines. No worries....they're not in your face and plenty of regular good people for entertainment. I prefer Serenity.
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