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  1. I've tried scanning my passport several times without success. The app says scan successful, but it still indicates that I need to add my travel documents. Am I missing a step. It seems pretty straight forward.
  2. Carnival canceled my Hawaii cruise so I moved the deposit from that one to a cruise in April 2021. I canceled the April cruise last month and was refunded my deposit without any cancelation fees. My PVP explained that because I was canceling a cruise with a deposit from a cruise Carnival had canceled I was entitled to a refunded with no cancelation fees.
  3. November and December for Miracle from San Diego
  4. I bought my fly2fun airfare last month for a November cruise and was able to add my frequent flyer number, known traveler number and select seats. The airline confirmation number came with the confirmation email I received from Carnival. I had to add the airline confirmation number on their website (Alaska) and was then able to select seats.
  5. Major airlines post their schedules about 320 days out. You may be just outside that window.
  6. My PVP told me the OBC should show up on your cabin confirmation email. It will not be listed in your online cruise booking details like a normal promotional OBC. I haven't yet booked a cruise so I don't know if this is true. I've had the same PVP for fourteen years and have never known him not to honest with me.
  7. We've stayed in both cabin types on the Miracle and Pride. The premium balcony room is directly behind an elevator, but that was never an issue. We never heard noise from the elevator or the elevator lobby. The room and balcony are much larger than the aft extended. Don't wait to long to book there are only six premium balcony rooms and I think only three are two person occupancy. Our choice having stayed in both would always be the premium balcony
  8. The Spirit is currently the only ship on the Carnival website showing Alaska cruises this summer. Those listings begin on July 7. The Spirit cruises from Australia to Honolulu, Honolulu to Vancouver and early Alaska have all been cancelled. Any extension of port closures could just put an end to the Alaska season for Carnival.
  9. We arrive in Seattle too late for the evening train so we are on an Amtrak Throughway bus. The only slow down should be CBSA. My understanding is that everyone gets off the bus at the border to clear immigration and customs. If we miss our connection in Seattle Amtrak will cover our overnight hotel and put us on the next available train in the morning. Thanks for the hotel recommendations I'll do a little more research. I'm a Hilton Honors member and can stay at the airport Hampton Inn for points. I would probably take a taxi in both directions. My understanding is there is no U
  10. We are taking the train from Los Angeles to Vancouver for a cruise late September 2020. We normally stay at the Fairmont Waterfront, but this trip we won't arrive in Vancouver until just before Midnight the day before the cruise. The Fairmont is expensive for just a place to sleep before the cruise. I checked prices near the airport and they are considerable cheaper, but I'm not sure if the savings would be offset by taxi fare from the train station to the airport area and back to Canada Place. Any suggestion? Something in the range of US $250 or less would be fine.
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