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  1. Thank you for the info
  2. Can someone please clarify for this newbie? If I buy a drinks package online now, which says it includes “shore excursion credit of $x” can I use it now to book and buy excursions?
  3. Azamara have confirm that the departure from Mumbai will be 4.5 hours early, cutting shore time from 13 to 8.5 hours. Arrival in Dubai is now Sat 25th April with disembarkation on 26th April. I can live with less sea time, but as Sunlover33 says above " .... we lost time in Mumbai which is a place we were looking forward to exploring but it seems to be for what appears to be a facile reason".
  4. Richteab


    I certainly won't! I love Indian food and would happily eat it full time. Like most vegetarians I struggle with Chinese food, Thai less so, but Indian is a joy. As a Brit, I can say I've had more than a few hungry nights in Europe (France , Germany, Spain) but Italian is also easy.
  5. Richteab


    Thanks everyone. Looks like we wont be going hungry!
  6. Richteab


    That’s really helpful, thanks
  7. Richteab


    From what I can see, there is plenty of choice anyway for a vegetarian, but would you suggest registering as "Special Diet". I don't count it as one, but others might! Thanks in advance for any advice
  8. Try Holiday Extras cruise insurance in the UK. https://*****.com/yxc64bm2 I have not used them & this isn't a recommendation, just a Heads-Up!
  9. True if you are just talking straight cancellation, but my understanding is that US customers get some form of 'price match promise' in case the price drops, which overseas customers do not get. Its different yet again for Australian / NZ customers.
  10. I posted a couple of weeks ago on this subject. Losing a full deposit is penal and I had to take a hit of £500 in order to save £1500 in the recent sale. A no-brainer, but it smarts. I haven't looked, but is the contract signed under US law or UK law?
  11. I'd booked on exactly the same promotion as you but when I looked yesterday on the ".co.uk" site it had changed to £2,000 discount per person. However, as you can see from the posts above, the UK does not have any guarantee and if we Brits make a change the £500 deposit is lost. It was still a no-brainer and I saved several times £500 even after losing my deposit although I begrudge blowing that money. I understand that Azamara sets different Terms & Conditions for every country. I don't know which country you are in, but that might explain the disappearing $500. Best bet is to phone them - I've found email hopeless and personal contact excellent. They are available 24/7 so no problem with time differences.
  12. Maybe I just struck really lucky with who I spoke to (in Kansas, not Denver as I first said) but also I knew in advance that there were some other cabins available as I checked first, since I was expecting to have to deal with my own rebooking and didn't want to get caught out. In my limited experience as a first time cruiser and therefore first time with Azamara, I've found email hit and miss but real people at Azamara excellent to deal with.
  13. A quick update - I've spoken with an incredibly helpful Customer Services agent who was able to cancel my booking, rebook exactly the same cabin and package and I've saved several times the £500 I lost on my deposit. She was based in Denver and was surprising chipper as I understand it's 4 am there! We are back on track and looking forward to our first cruise. I still resent the charge and think it discriminates against customers outside the US, but I can't fault Customer Services.
  14. I've just fallen foul of this one. Having booked last month for April 2020 based on a "second guest half price" deal I now see that the offer has ended and the "full" price for two of us is £1,000 lower. In order to get the lower price I have to throw away my £500 deposit, which feels like a 'fine'. I've taken it up with Azamara but I'm not optimistic and as a first time customer I feel undervalued.
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