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  1. I disagree, Day one starts at 8 pm (Sunday) and we disembark at 6.15am on the following Sunday so we are minus a day in theory. Anyways, it's how it is. They offer no compensation.
  2. Agreed, just a small compensation would be nice!
  3. I took out the RCCL travel protection program, where do I find a copy of that document?
  4. We just received the change email, 3 days before departure, WTH. Now I feel we are captive and can't do anything about it, airfare is booked, hotel too (with check out at 11am). To boot they aren't letting us embark or even arrive at the cruise terminal until 4-7 pm on May 5th 2019. What are we supposed to do with luggage and stuff from 11am until 4 pm? I feel like we have lost a whole day on the ship, and then what happens with dinner reservations when we have a 8pm send off? I'm a little shook up about this after being booked for over a year! Is it our fault the propulsion pods don't w
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