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  1. If I was on that ship I would end up being Marge Simpson on a plane after day 4 “Let me off, let me off, let me off” lol
  2. Well that sucks! Thanks for letting me know
  3. we bought them on spectrum of the seas even though the muster was completely different from what the our original muster was(we were told the muster on our seapass cards was the correct one) the pitch we got was we could use them on any royal ship. We are on navigator in a few weeks so we will know for sure if they can be used. I'll let everyone know our experience reusing them. wish us good luck
  4. Also I may go to get a Starbucks card tomorrow with some money on it for the ship to help you out cause thats the way I roll 🙂
  5. Will do for sure, we use the app so I will definitely update for you
  6. Personally I am quite happy about this being in Asia, The Caribbean/most Europe itineraries do not interest me or my wife so I am looking forward to the ports/itineraries for this ship. We see cruising as a way to experience a number of countries in one trip and then re-visit in a more immersive trip on our own later(Non-cruise). I have spent significant amount of time in Europe so we can do on our own. excited to possible try an oasis ship as the current ones do not interest us in anyway. Most Americans limit themselves to what they are "Comfortable with" or flying is "too long" which is h
  7. everything have read says yes, it operates like any Starbucks locations and the card/app will work as if does anywhere else on land... Not sure when you are going but we will be on at the end of October so I will update then
  8. We found ours under more details on the reservation where #GTY used to be, for a few weeks it showed a deck number then the room number came in, I took a screenshot (with certain details omitted 😁)
  9. We had one assigned in May for Spectrum 12 days before, we just got ours assigned for Jewel for July 2020 so it is all over.
  10. We did spectrum from Dubai to Singapore this year (not inaugural but sailing right after) and loved the ship which has started this cruise obsession we have gotten ( 2 other cruises booked in the next year) we were watching for odyssey’s inaugural but the price for 5 days is nuts compared to a 14 day on spectrum (just over $900 for a balcony and awesome ports) it was way too much so we booked a Baltic Sea cruise on Jewel instead. It is sad to see that the price was so much as we loved the quantum class ships but it just wasn’t worth it and Caribbean port don’t really interest us, looking forwa
  11. We did Spectrum of the seas from Dubai to Singapore in May and loved the ship, it was also a "Ultra". We never felt like it was too enclosed there are many places to go and things to do. It will be interesting to see what they have on it as Spectrum was tailored for the Chinese market
  12. Thanks for all the info especially in the ports, we have this booked for next year and are looking at the different ports
  13. Yesterday with no sale ours was $61 per day, today with a BOGO 50% off second person it is still $61... math is definitely not their strength.
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