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  1. Had it in the buffet on our Jan Royal trip. Tender and tasty
  2. We also got off on Saturday after a b2b and thought the food was very good. First week we ate in the buffet most nights. I was surprised at the variety , tastiness, and tenderness of the meats offered at the carving stations. Second week we ate in the Dining room as well as Alfredo's. No complaints there either. But, I did not enjoy my meal in the steak house. The veal chop was very fatty, with very little tough meat. And no, I didn't send it back. My husband's lobster was shockingly tiny. Albeit tasty and tender. I thought there was a law against harvesting such tiny lobsters. I was one of those on a long line twice with WiFi problems. Both times were at the start of the cruise. I also found out on the last night, not to trust the log out button. I lost 110 minutes. When I used my tablet, I had to type in signoff.com in the address bar. Forgot to do that the last day and hit the log out button. Bad on my part. There were a few little stupid things that were no big deal. We were in a mini suite and our room steward was not the best. Not bad, but I felt he was not giving us a "finished" job. You get used to little touches that were missing. I was once told I keep a very tidy cabin, so I know it wasn't necessary for him to spend a lot of time there. We always knew when someone else did the cleaning. Because the finishing touches were there. And my used wine glasses were replaced, not taken away. Got tired of calling, waiting and tipping room service everyday for 2 wine glasses. And no, the bar wouldnt give us any either. We always trade our mini bar for pinot grigio. No longer available. Instead I found a new favorite chardonnay. The brand of wine our TA sent us was substituted for a less expensive bottle. It was good, so no complaints on our side, but our TA was P.O. I felt that the elite Lotus Spa gift bag is being phased out, or just trying to use up leftover products. First bag was missing the eye mask and the sistal mitt. But I did get 2 lip balms. Second bas was also missing the mask, the mitt as well as the linen spray and the shower cap. But, again I got 2 lip balms. So, with 4 lip balms, I felt like a winner. Our future cruises are on the Caribbean Princess, the Crown and the Sky. I hope to enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our time the Royal Princess.
  3. We were able to switch to bud light without paying anything extra. This was on the Regal Princess during a Caribbean cruise
  4. We done b2b in both the same cabin as well as changing cabins. Our folio always followed us.
  5. We have never used our cabin key while in the casino, so they have no idea how much we play, or not, yet we received a casino offer on our March 2018 7 night Regal cruise. $300 pp for the balcony deluxe. Go figure
  6. Is Alfredo's pizza served lunchtime on sea days in Sabatini as it was on the Coral Princess? We really enjoy their pizza.
  7. It's not being offered anymore. The Nov 9th was the last.
  8. Oh, my. That sounds like a drink I would love. But I don't see myself going to Hawaii any time soon. I wonder if they'll be able make it on a Caribbean cruise
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