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  1. Thats not how they had worded it. They worded it as if I didn’t know it existed which I do. Geez didn’t know this was a debate. I didn’t find my answer by doing that. so I turned to this thinking I would get a yes or no from someone who might have used a passport card not a lecture from people about flying internationally. God Bless
  2. I have received help elsewhere with kinder people who have answered my question asked. A passport card is just fine. Thanks for all the unecessary comments.
  3. Its a simple question that requires a simple answer. I already understand about air travel. I don’t need information that was not asked.
  4. I don’t need to fly international. Just going on a cruise international
  5. Cruise to The Bahamas on Royal Caribbean starting from Miami and returning in Miami. Is passport card ok
  6. I don’t need to fly international. Just going on a cruise international. Just need to know if I can get on and off a cruise ship woth a passport card
  7. I am not needing to fly international
  8. We changed it to the day before and should be arriving at 10 pm the night before we depart
  9. Hi, for our cruise we are going to The Bahamas on Royal Caribbean. Nassau and Cococay to be specific.We decided to get a passport card. Is a passport card accepted when going to the Bahamas? I understand that a passport book is recommended if needed to fly. I just need to know if a passport card is accepted. Thanks!
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