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  1. Any news on getting back into usa... any hold up or issues? That's where I would expect them.
  2. I'm curious to know what happens when they disembark in Miami. If there is going to be any issues... that's where I'd expect them to be.
  3. That's just totally weird. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  4. I originally saw I got pre pay and get some on board credit. I went a couple days ago to do this and it's no longer there. All I see is laundry options and a medical prevention thing. Before there was several medical packages, different laundry and several on board credit (50, 100, 150, 200 etc...) is this normal? Do they take it off when a certain number of days before sailing? We don't sail till July 1st... thanks!
  5. Not every booking comes with the excursions. I've read notes from some that didn't and I'm pretty sure, ours don't. I don't expect a full refund but something to sooth us for skipping Cuba if it comes to that.
  6. Unfortunately, some of us are booked and final payment already done before this mess came up. I wish we could cancel.
  7. Ours is July 1st. Kinda stuck in limbo... don't want to book any tours in Cuba till we know for sure.
  8. Still doesn't say anything for us US ppl. I want to know what's going to happen to us.
  9. I wasn't talking about the Government
  10. Me either... as we booked this cruise and line for Cuba. If Cuba is off, they better give us something as this is a older ship we wouldn't have booked otherwise.... if they dont.... will probably be my one and only MSC cruise.
  11. I hope they tell us something soon. Ours is July but we have made final payment...and yes, we are US.
  12. Oh my! This is new. We leave July 1st and our cruise is fully booked. I don't think we could get out of it... again, entire reason for booking...
  13. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=80
  14. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to your review. Since we are port intensive and only one real day at sea, I'm thinking probably just book the spa service that includes a day pass.
  15. I'm on the Armonia in July so which terminal is that One?
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