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  1. Thanks so much for the detailed review. We go May 30th! Was there a safety net in the zip line? I'd like to try but nervous about the heights and safety... This will be our 2nd MSC cruise. We did Armonia last summer (educator) and I loved the pizza. Had it everyday for lunch or snack. I found it pretty close to Naples, Italy quality. Was it the same on Seaside? Did you get your CC party pic? I found last year I had to go to photos and request it. It was nice and worth the trouble. Thanks! Meg
  2. Sounds a lot nicer than Armonia one. I'll have to consider getting a pass.
  3. Did you take pics of any menus? Like the chocolate bar? I'm interested in offers and price range... We are on her end of May. Same route. How was navigating the buffet? It looks like their are 2 buffet on this ship?
  4. No, I would have but it wasn't available. I ended up doing the cheaper Jose Curvero tequila tasting. It was 4 of us and awesome! We got the history, a small margarita, the tasting including the proper way to do it, a full sized passion fruit with pepper rim margarita, time to shop in store for tequila and other stuff and full taco bar with soda, water or beer. We saw the native dance, went in museum and all. I highly recommend that as an alternative if you can't do this one. (The MSC your paper doesn't tell you what all comes with the tequila tasting which I noted in my review)
  5. Can only comment on Armonia. We enjoyed her and didn't feel crowded. I've done big ships on other lines, small and medium. Mom prefers medium to small. She isn't a crowd person. We like the food in La Pergolia (aurora and fantastica suite anytime restaurant), pizza and gelato (it's included on this ship). I have a review a few pages back and one on the main review on here.
  6. I was about to say the same thing. Eric actually encouraged self assist disembark, in his disembark talk. We ended up with a color that was 10am which didn't work for us as Atlanta is a 10 hour drive, if you don't stop at all... dad went down and asked for earlier. They apologized and informed him 8:10 was all they could do. Dad let them know that was just fine... so we had lime 1 and got off and on the road quickly... it never hurts to ask... the worst they can do is no.
  7. It looked ok. It's older so I didn't expect brand new look, some out of order public toilets, elevator buttons that didn't quite work right unless you pushed them hard etc... every time I turned around though, they were doing maintenance or painting etc on ship.
  8. Not sure, I didn't attend any of them. Between time changes (go back 1 hour first night and another 1 hour 2nd night and go forward 1 hour 3rd night) and being a teacher I go to bed by 9 most nights... I just didn't make any of them.
  9. Yes, I forgot the pirate night was the last night. I seemed to have misplaced my Sun paper... still unpacking from trip on her.
  10. Tuesday had a Gatsby party, Wed flower glory party, Thurdsy was July 4th and white party. Those are all I see... I just looked through my papers from the other week.
  11. I have review for Armonia on here if you care to read it. It's next page over. July 1st to 8th review. It was our first Msc cruise after having done Disney, Hal, Princess, RCCL, Carnivial, Celebrity and NCL.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GZC47MF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Just cards and we added cash. They are cute and talk about how grateful you are for the person making your cruise great...
  13. That's up to you. I saw lots of really dressy people (ties and bow ties... a few jackets and dresses/skirts) and several not as dressy...it seemed kinda spilt down the middle.... We dressed up and made dad get a tie in shop since he 'forgot his... I'd been expecting not as many to be dressed up so was surprised it was as many as it was...
  14. Thanks, he had the birds all over him. It was funny and he loved it.
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