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  1. I've done both a westbound and an eastbound TA. Westbound, boarding is SUPER civilized - you're assigned a time to arrive for check-in and boarding, and are given a card when you arrive. They call groups up based on arrival time (other than the priority boarding as mentioned above, for Grills and Diamond/Platinum passengers, but this is done through a completely separate process.) The Soton terminal has lots of seating, plus a cafe, so you aren't standing around waiting. Security is after check-in, rather than before. Eastbound is rather more line-intensive. You get into a line to get through security, then get into a line to check in. There is a priority line separate from the general passenger line, but all non-priority passengers are treated the same, whether it's your first or sixth voyage, you'll be in the same line (unless you're in the Grills.)
  2. When I was looking before my last westbound TA, I didn't see any LYS's in Soton. (If you're in London, I highly recommend Loop in Islington. It's a delightful little shop.)
  3. The ice creams are fantastic - my understanding is that they're all made on board.
  4. Despite wide-spread beliefs to the contrary, it does get hot in Canada, especially in July/August. It might be a bit cooler at sea (as it usually is), but you're going to be looking at 20C to 30C+ temperatures during the days. It may be a bit cooler at night, and as with most North American locales, indoors tends to be over-air-conditioned, so you'll probably want layers.
  5. You should be given a check-in time on your e-ticket, but I wouldn't want to arrive any later than 3 hours before departure - all-aboard is usually 30 minutes to an hour before departure.
  6. Thanks! I emailed them late yesterday, and they confirmed that I'm gold. Apparently they're having problems with their website (shock!)
  7. Now if only I could reach the UK site - even if I type in cunard.co.uk directly, I still get redirected to .com/en-us/
  8. I've had no luck finding information on this on the (now-useless) Cunard site, so I'm asking the infinitely wise folks here. The CWC page in the VP indicates that for Gold, it's "2 voyages or 20 nights" - does anyone know if it's whichever is more? I've finished two voyages, but only have 14 nights (two TAs), and my VP for my next booking is still showing me as Silver. I tried to call Cunard, but after sitting on hold for 20 minutes, I decided it wasn't worth my time.
  9. The 10 minute wait time seems to be left up to the discretion of the wait staff, however. A few times I ordered two drinks (on the basic soft drinks package) at the same time (since the wait staff were busy) and received them no problem. I also much preferred the previous system, where you just had the sticker, and your card didn't have to be swiped. It seemed to be much faster for the staff as well.
  10. So, as a Canadian, perhaps it's a good thing that my flight doesn't leave until later in the afternoon...
  11. I'm leaving Friday for my second TA, and my first westbound TA. (Departing Southampton on Sunday.) Going eastbound last year, Customs into the UK was wonderfully civilized - they did the passport control on board during the week, so we were able to just walk off the ship. What is the process for westbound voyages? I somehow doubt the process will be quite as civilized...
  12. Maybe I'll see you on the 2020 crossing?
  13. Thanks for the link! I did a quick browse of the forum, but managed to miss that thread. Once I've confirmed that the timing works, I suspect I'll be booking online during my TA at the end of April.
  14. I'm thinking about booking on the Anthony Inglis & NSO crossing for 2020 (looks like there are still cabins available) - has anyone done this crossing? Would you recommend it?
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