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  1. I booked GTY balcony and was assigned about two weeks later to mid ship which is just fine with me. It was still about 2 weeks before sailing.
  2. Love this. This is all I can think about now. If I ask for French 75, will they do lemon juice and simple syrup or try to use sweet and sour mix instead?
  3. vodka soda with a lime is my go to drink I don’t use artificial sweeteners, and don’t really like sweet drinks, so for something more fun I just ask them to cut the simple syrup in half. French 75 I love this way
  4. I don't mind paying to park at the cruise terminal. I just want to make sure we don't show up and find it full.
  5. We are driving in from northern california the day of the cruise (April 14). Is there plenty of parking at the port itself? Don't want to get there and have no place to park. I read that it's $18/day.
  6. It’s my understanding they hold these rooms but will assign them to others if not needed.
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