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  1. Hmmm. That's probably why it's the only rooms left that are next to each other. I could go up to Deck 14 but those are the spa cabins and Im not sure I want that. But... I guess if that is all I can find.. not much of a choice.
  2. Thank you so much!! That was a very helpful visual bstel!! Hmmm you are right Garth2 , that could be an issue.
  3. I have Cabins 11268 and 11264 on hold right now. I have been looking at the Deck plans to make sure I didn't pick a noisy cabin. I am struggling with the map lol. It's hard to tell but is Waterworks right over my cabins? Or is it a little bit ahead? Has anyone had these cabins and can tell me if they are super noisy due to waterworks?
  4. Aruba and Curacao .. I should not have any issues with Taxi's ? I would love the beach and shopping lol. I guess what I was asking is more about the sketchy safety level as well. When we went to Montego Bay, it was a little sketchy and we were in a resort transfer. That is a great idea about a day pass. I saw the one that Carnival has, but I also heard that is where everyone goes. I will see what resorts are close.
  5. I looked in the port board but what does everyone do(recommend)while in Aruba, Curaçao and La Romana? we definitely want beach. My husband is advents enough to try another excursion company so it needs to be through Carnival. Unless it’s safe enough to go into a taxi?
  6. Nope, don’t care about the thalassotherapy pool. On the Breeze we attended a show but thought it wasn’t good. We didn’t get a chance to go to the comedy club. We enjoyed the good. The Breeze was awesome with my sons allergies. We don’t care about the pools at all(they sleeve me lol). We had a great time at all the activities like trivia, shopping events and the deck parties. Loved our CD. His 80’s trivia was hysterical. My husband and I really enjoyed the Dive in movies.
  7. It’s specific dates so the itinerary is what I had stated.. Amber Cove is ok. I’m not sure about La Romana? But Aruba and Curaçao seems incredible. I think I just made my decision 😂😂 If I liked the Breeze ... will the Horizon be a step up?
  8. I know they are sister ships and probably mostly the same. I have only ever cruised on the Breeze and we really enjoyed it. It was out of Port Canaveral and a very easy process. The Vista is out of Galveston and goes to Cozumel, Montego Bay and Grand Cayman. I have not been to any of these. I have been to Jamaica only in an all inclusive. Horizon is out of Miami and goes to Aruba, Curaçao, La Romana and Amber Cove. Been to Amber Cove. Im traveling with my daughter (22), her bf(24), my other daughter(18) and son (15). My husband is going too Lolol.
  9. We are divided. I like the Ports on Freedom( Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, StMaarten) but have never been to any of them. We have to fly to Puerto Rico. The Harmony has three ports Coco Cay, San Juan (which I have been) and St Kitts. It leaves from Port Canaveral which I’m familiar with. They both come out close to the same price. We use points to fly. On the freedom we will be next door in the panoramic ocean view on deck 12. The rooms look nice. On the Harmony we will be connecting and have balconies. Also nice rooms. We had connecting balconies on our previous cruise.
  10. Never have been on Royal. We have on been on the Carnival Breeze and likes it. We loved the sail away party, the cruise director, outdoor theater and all the deck parties. The food was good as well. We went to Grand Turk (did not like), St Thomas (loved), Amber Cove(ok) and San Juan(loved). So our decision right now is Carnival Vista, Freedom of the Seas and Harmony. ROyal looks like a step up . Vista itinerary is Montego, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Harmony is Coco cay, San Juan and St Kitts. Freedom is Aruba, Curacao, st Maarten and Bonaire. Freedom has the be
  11. We will be on the Norwegian Breakaway and have not been to Roatan. I tend to stick to ship excursions because I get . nervous about outside ones. This is only my second cruise. I have no idea what to do in Roatan. We are not adrenaline junkies and have no idea how to scuba or even snorkel lol. Just for reference, we hated Grand Turk. It was to crowded and we were harassed by vendors. We loved Puerto Rico and just walking around. In St Thomas we took a rum boat tour and that was a ton of fun. So I am thinking one of the stops ( costa or cozumel) we might do ruins just to do it(
  12. This is our first time on a Western Itinerary. I am checking on excursions and have no idea what I am doing in this area. We going to Costa Maya, Harvest Caye, Roatan and Cozumel. My husband wants to see ruins so think we will do that in Costa Maya. In Cozumel, I hear everyone talk about Mr. Sanchos or Natchi? I am assuming these are resorts you can go to? I don't see t hem on my excursion list so maybe it's booked. We don't scuba dive . We aren't adrenaline junkies either. We like touring . What else is a good excursion to check out?
  13. Another question: I just put down my deposit and went into my ncl to see all the information. I was looking at excursions. For Harvest Caye there are only 7 options. Does that mean everything was booked already? Also I didn't see the Mr. Sanchos people talk about in Cozumel or Natchi?
  14. Thank you for that. I will contact them. That makes it easier than having to meet with the Maitre d. On my last cruise, they went above and beyond even to the point of making him a special dessert. It’s nice to hear I can contact them and find out exactly how it works!
  15. Oh good to know! I wasn’t sure if I had to preorder it .
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