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  1. Ship - Harmony of the Seas Deck - 14 Stateroom # - 268 Stateroom Category – Starboard or Port Side - Port Quiet Stateroom? – the room is right at the elevators and right under the Pool deck by the dive shop. When we sat out on our balcony we sometimes heard running above us, especially the first and last night. We didn’t hear it in the room if the door was shut. We also didn’t hear any noise from the elevators in the room, except twice when piano guy was in an elevator, but I liked hearing when he was out there and it was not loud at all. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? -No Balcony View - The balcony is right under a hump with a wall the was a slight obstruction, only to the side. I will post Picts below. It was a very private balcony because of the wall. We couldn’t see any other passengers except right next to us and there did not appear to even be cameras on this balcony. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - normal Was wind a problem? -No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? -No Any specific problems with this cabin? -No Any other comments? - I loved being to close to the elevator. I would probably book 1 deck down next time though, because of the noise on the balcony. Single bed is closest to the balcony.
  2. This the line for MTD looked like at 6:10 tonight on Harmony. The thought of coming to wait in line 20 mins before I can even get in is not something I want to ever deal with. At 6:30 the line is actually insane.
  3. I was disappointed we got a table with just the 3 of us, I requested one with more people. Other than that we’re having a great time.
  4. I’m on Harmony now, 5-5:30 early dinner you can show up anytime before 5:30. When we leave the main dining room between 6:30 and 7 there is a line out the door, around the corner, and back past the elevator, on both sides. After seeing the horrible lines every day I would never do my dining time. 5 is a little early for us too but we get there closer to 5:30.
  5. From what I have read here the elevators work better on Symphony and other than that, they just have diff carpet, art and shows.
  6. We were planning on taking our 8 year old to grease because she loves musicals, is it really inappropriate? She has seen both versions of the movie.
  7. I just booked a thanksgiving cruise and the only option I had for dining is late. Is that something I can just call and change? My 7 year old will not make it with late dining. They don’t have that kids option where they pick them up an hour into dinner at the late sitting either. At this point I am thinking I should cancel the cruise over this.
  8. Our set sail pAss did not have a key on it and we had the key months before I printed the set sail pass.
  9. We got to our room about 12:50 and all our luggage was in the hall and we got in our room.
  10. We just got off Symphony and didn’t get a key feedback form.
  11. Excursions St Kitts, we did the dolphin experience. Was awesome and we had time to shop after. St Thomas, we did a sail and snorkel to Turtle Bay. It was awesome too. I wanted to see turtles and we did, they were all over. A guy from a diff boat almost drowned though. They had to rescue him on a raft and revive him. I swam right by him and saw him hanging onto the boat line. A few min’s later we heard the call for a rescue. I kicked myself for not recognizing he was in trouble. We had rum punch on the boat back and it was all around awesome. We even had time to buy some souvenirs at the port before our excursion. Nassau, we did Atlantis. I’m glad we did it but it was a rip off for that price. By the time we got to Atlantis it was 11:30, and we were the first group off the boat. The bus and directions and wristband were so disorganized. We had to head back to get the 2pm bus at 1:30. We basically had 2 hours there. We did the rapid lazy river twice, had lunch and left. It was basically $100 a lap around the river. We we’re back on the boat by 3 and I watched for pier runners. The boat left around 5:00 ish, even though all aboard was 3:30. Not even the late people were not running. If you want to watch for pier runners on the Eastern Caribbean get a room on the starboard side. We watched for runners at all 3 ports.  Limits on Things One thing I did not like was the limits on things for my daughter. Try telling a 7 year old she can’t do a zip line cuz she doesn’t weigh enough, or go on the flow rider cuz she’s not tall enough, or swim with dolphins because she’s not old enough. She does zip lines all the time off the boat. We took her to Theater of the Seas after the boat to get pushed and pulled by dolphins, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but RC seems to have higher limits on things than other places. Oh, and they said kids under 18 couldn’t even play some game at on air on night. It was a finish the lyrics game and the host said kids wouldn’t know songs from the 70’s and 80’s, or something like that. I thought it was pretty lame because compass did not list the game as 18+.
  12. Things we loved We loved all the shows (Hair Spray was my fav), the pool contests (sexy man, belly flop), line dancing at boleros, and the adult games we went to. I loved that they took pictures at night around dinner and that there were so many backgrounds and photographers. I loved that some of them had little steps my daughter could stand on. I loved all the frozen drinks had alcoholic and non alcoholic. Even the bionic bar had non alcohol drinks my daughter could try. We loved all the games at On Air every night. We played Majority rules, Rock the Room, several music ones and we even sang family karaoke, although they need more Toby Keith songs to choose from. We sang Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (probably not as appropriate on an international cruise as say How Do You Like Me Now or Red Solo Cup would have been). We had a blast at the selfie scavenger hunt. We loved all the parties on the promenade. ADventure Ocean info On Sea days the sessions are 9-12, 5-7, and 7-10. There is also a 10-2 session but you pay $7 an hour for that. Your kid can go in with a diff age group but once they switch they have to stay in the new group. My daughter was in the 6-8 group but she made friends with a 9 year old and so she wanted to move groups. They let her try the 9-11 group (with a trial pass) to be with her friend, but told her after that session she had to decide which group. She was almost in tears when I picked her up and said she wanted to stay with 6-8. I really wish they had a 12-2 session. RC scheduled adult only things during the 12-2 session that my husband and I would have gone too if we could have left her at AO. For example, Martini seminar, Next Cruise presentation, adult scrapbooking, and slot tournaments were all around 1pm. Hello RC???? You would have gotten more money from me if I could have put my kid somewhere!!! Another scheduling oversight was the Easter Festival stuff. Why would they put that at 5:15? Most parents with young kids probably have 5:30 dinner. Put the Easter stuff from 12-2 on a sea day and put the adult stuff when AO is avail.. 
  13. We had a pier runner view and there was nothing to see. All the late people just walked on and didn’t see anyone left behind. I think they may have been though because no one got on after names were called. You really don’t hear announcements in the room though so maybe they were already on. This was the most running I saw from a late person. 443A111E-734C-4209-9779-139BDCE66014.MOV
  14. The alpha call was for a woman that passed out completely right at the dining room entrance. The medical staff was trying to get a pulse and revive her when they closed off the dining room as we were trying to go in. Dinner in level 5 was delayed because of it. I don’t know what happened but I hope she was ok.
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