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  1. I don't ever do the easy pay because I use a lot of gift cards. So just pay the deposit and log in to pay what you want when you can (you should still budget a monthly payment and pay it off sooner so that you can focus on the extras when it's paid off).
  2. I think it sounds more difficult than it really is. The reason I picked cruising to Cuba is they take care of all the nitty gritty details with the special visa and people-to-people tours. Otherwise, bringing a passport and exchanging currency when you arrive is standard around the world, outside of a cruise where those things are more lax.
  3. There was an elegant night on our sea day during our 4 day Ensenada cruise. I imagine there would be one on yours too 🙂
  4. There are two things that I want to do in Havana - ride in a classic car and go to the Tropicana show. I generally like doing the cruise tours even though they are more pricey than finding one on your own. the peace of mind is a fine price to pay for me. If you've done a Carnival cruise to Cuba, what tours did you do and how did you like it? If you've gone on your own in Havana, I would love to hear about that too!
  5. Pack yourself a little 2-cup coffee pot 😉
  6. Yes, I was thinking I would want to spend a couple days in Venice. If we flew on Friday, get there on Sat, and the cruise leaves on Sunday that would work well, plus another day in Venice before we leave.
  7. How long is it good for?
  8. DH and I were thinking we'd like to take the after-cruise excursion to the Everglades. And we're also looking at a flight that leaves at 2:50. It says it's for after 3:00 pm flights from FLL, so I'm wondering if that 10 mins would be a big deal or not. Have you taken this excursion? What was your experience with your arrival to the airport?
  9. I don't have any advice, but if you're going in late Sept 2021, I should be on the Dawn with you 🙂
  10. Put the $50/day into a bar cash credit or onboard credit for you to use. Then you can have drinks and pay for it upfront 🙂
  11. I hope so! We haven't gone on CCL since 2018, and are going again next Jan. I'll try the bread out again 🙂
  12. I put the cruise on hold for a few days to sleep on it and was contacted by a PCC, which I assume is normal since I put my info in the system (I've only previously cruised with Carnival and they haven't done this with any of my cruises). My question is: Is there an advantage to calling him back to book the cruise for me? Or continue to do it myself?
  13. They were great with my dietary restrictions, including GF. The bread and pizza were gross though, lol.
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