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  1. Almost all of them, I guess? We're going on Mexican Riviera this next cruise, which is a bucket-list item. BUT, it was originally booked for Cuba which was #1 bucket-list cruise for me until restrictions were put back on cruising to Cuba 😞 That's still my #1, hopefully we'll get it back. Then: Planning for 2021: Eastern Mediterranean (must stop in Croatia and Greece) After that my next bucket list item is Alaska. I'd also add these to my bucket list: Baltic Sea "ABC cruise" (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) Western Mediterranean Panama Canal Trans-Atlantic And I'd LOVE to do an around the world cruise!
  2. 2-3 days worth of drinks 😅 We don't get a drinking package but we do pre-pay gratuities, so I usually also load up our cruise account with OBC in addition to whatever credit we have when we book it, and use that as my "drinking package" (it's always less than what I'd spend on the actual package).
  3. For you I would pick a Baltic Sea cruise on NCL (they have singles cabins, assuming that you are going solo?)
  4. Hubby came home for lunch and I asked him, "what does your ideal day look like on the cruise for your birthday?" And he said, "Smoke some nice cigars, drink a lot of mojitos, and hang out with you." 🥰 Beyond that, I know he would enjoy a massage, going out to sushi (his favorite), and I can leave him for a bit with his notebook to write for a while, which he also enjoys doing. I'm totally happy heading to the gym for a while so that he can do that.
  5. I think you only need birth cert, marriage cert, or divorce decree, and photo ID, and you both have to be there (for under 16). I never changed my last name and had no problem proving I was the mother with my kid's BC (that had my name on it). If there is a name change, the person who changed their name only needs the marriage cert or divorce decree that shows the name change. Edit: Link - https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/under-16.html
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm interested in seeing what the other men in here think about this. I can for sure give him some alone time, but I think he likes to spend time with me and has been looking forward to our week-long date without the kids. 🙂 I hope you get your ideal birthday!
  7. If you are both there and have all of your ID for everyone, you should be fine to get a passport. When you travel without your ex, make sure she has a notarized letter stating that she approves that you take the kids out of the country, with her contact information on the letter.
  8. I actually mentioned getting a couple massage for my birthday and he was all about it, saying that a massage sounds really nice. I think he would like it 🙂
  9. DH and I went and looked at excursions and I think this is what we're going to do: Cabo San Lucas: Whale Watching & Coastal Cruise with Open Bar Mazatlan: Canopy Adventure Puerto Vallarta: Yelapa & Majahuitas: Beach, Snorkeling & Waterfall
  10. We're going on the same cruise, I'd also love suggestions. 🙂
  11. Thank you for suggestions! I'm thinking that after morning activities (coffee, breakfast, etc), maybe hit the hot tub, then I'll take him to Bonsai (he loves sushi), and have a massage booked for afternoon. Maybe we can go to the Piano Bar after dinner (he's a big fan of music), and possibly order something cute to wear for bed (nsfw?). Does that sounds like a good birthday plan?
  12. I've been thinking on this, and I think this is something he would like, but I have two hesitations. 1. We're cruising with some friends this time and we probably want to do "formal" night dinner together that evening. 2. (a totally selfish reason) I'm not sure there is anything I can eat in the steakhouse that would make it worth paying the $38 for me (vegetarian and allergic to wheat). But, I would do it for him if it wasn't for #1. He likes sushi, so maybe I can take him to lunch at the a la carte sushi restaurant for lunch that day.
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