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  1. I got some magnet decorations for my birthday door.
  2. I get the Indian Vegetarian at least half the nights! Love it!
  3. I'm vegetarian, and also allergic to wheat. I eat dinner in the MDR and order the night ahead (on the first day of sailing I talk to the maître d and order for that night). Lunches have plenty of options - Guy's has a veggie burger and GF buns, Buffet has salads, Pizza has GF crusts if you ask for it (last time I did this it was terrible, maybe they are better now?). My favorite lunch spot is Blue Iguana.. if GF you can get corn tortillas, if just veg you can get anything with just beans and whatever toppings. I've never gone hungry on a cruise.
  4. Our cruise is on Sep 26 from NOLA. We've thought a lot about this, but if there was a big outbreak on the cruise we're in a balcony (if they let us stay in our room). We're traveling with N95 masks in case we need them. And if we were to test positive, we'll be bringing our work computers and can work remotely from a quarantine hotel. Our kids will be safe with the grandparents and we'll just let their schools know they can't come back until we're done with quarantine. I hope it doesn't happen, but we have a few plans in place in case it does.
  5. That was the last cruise I took before covid. Have a great time!
  6. Before our upcoming cruise we've been more frugal. Our upcoming cruise we're splurging a little more (balcony, drink package, private cabana for our shore excursion). When we take the whole family on our next cruise after that one we're back in oceanview cabins and DIY shore excursions with no drink packages.
  7. That tub 😍 Just went on my bucket list, lol
  8. I'm booked on Glory for Sept 26th and can't wait to see her in person!
  9. I'm vegetarian and gluten free.. so not vegan but definitely dietary restrictions. Blue Iguana will make vegan burritos and tacos, Guy's has a vegan burger, the MDR will make vegan options (there are two or three veggie options a night and you can order a night ahead to make them dairy/egg/meat free. There's also options for breakfast for both on port days (masala dosas are my favorite here!), and sea day brunch. The pizza place will make a pizza without cheese, and there's plenty of salads in the buffet. If you have a sushi place on board, they'll make veggie sushi as well.
  10. never mind.. I saw you already selected refund.
  11. I'm booked on the Glory for Sept 26th and so excited I get to go on this cruise! I wanted to sail out of NOLA for my birthday since that's where I was born (I haven't been there since I was 5). 🙂
  12. Same here. I know Royal has a whole vegan menu in their MDR, that would be so nice! I love Indian food, so I usually order the Indian Vegetarian at least half the nights.
  13. I have thought about that. We can also consider for their spring break instead, but we don't know when that is yet 🙂
  14. He said they'll hopefully announce by the end of this week.
  15. I was tracking our fares and had to jump at the price drop when it happened. So I guess if it doesn't sail I'll be spending the week in NOLA, lol.
  16. If we take out trying to squeeze in Key West, I think we we could do a 4-day. Thanks!
  17. Not OP, but.. I've always wanted to try something like this out but figured my dietary restrictions wouldn't allow it (vegetarian & wheat allergy). Do you think they'd accommodate something like that?
  18. Thanks! We definitely do want to do Disney while we're there, and my friend in FLL area that we're planning to visit actually works for Disney so she's planning on saving some of her buddy passes for us so we can all go together. That will definitely help with the cost, Disney World is more expensive than taking the kids on a cruise!
  19. Thanks for this! Key West is just one of those places I'd like to visit someday, but we don't *have* to do it. Visiting a National Park was how I talked DH into doing this trip, lol, so I can't axe that one.
  20. I would LOVE to, but vacation days and budget are a factor as well. It's pretty pricey to fly a family of 6 to FL to do a cruise and Disney. Hopefully it won't be our one and only and the kids will know if they'll like Carnival or Royal better for our next one (we promised our kiddos a graduation cruise so it won't be too long until we do it again).
  21. Hello good people. I'm in the first stages of planning a big 'ol Florida vacation with our family of six in 2023: 2 adults, and 4 boys who will be 16, 13 or 14 (depends on if it's June or July), 11, and 8. We're from SLC, Utah and we've only cruised Carnival so far. This would be our kids 2nd cruise. One of the things we'd really like to do there is take the kids on a Coco Caye cruise. We also have a friend in Ft. Lauderdale who will plan to visit and go to Disney World with. And while we're there we also might want visit Everglades National Park and Key West. Anywho, I like to plan early so I want to see what kind of room(s) we should get once they open up for summer 2023... should we call and book a family size room or go for adjoining rooms? We don't need anything fancy as we're just going to do a 3-day, because we really just want to go Coco Caye and don't care about the other ports. So.. should we pick a ship out of Miami, FLL, or Orlando (Port Canaveral)? We'll base our other vacation days around our cruise. But with having a friend in FLL area it might make sense to cruise out of there and stay with her family for the night. I don't know what else to ask, really, just trying to get a feel for what we should plan and see if all you lovelies have any tips or advice for us. Thanks!
  22. I've only cruised on Carnival so far. My first favorite breakfast is coffee delivered right to my room as soon as I usually wake up. I love not having to wander to the Lido to find coffee half asleep. Then after I'm fully awake, my second favorite -- I love the masala dosas on port days. I wish they'd add them to the sea day brunch menu because I don't always have enough time on port days to go to sit down breakfast (and also I'm not usually a breakfast person, I'd rather get them for brunch/lunch).
  23. Really crossing my fingers for Glory in September! I jumped the gun and booked airfare already 😬
  24. After debarkation we have until about 4pm to get to the airport. Is there a place to keep luggage for a few hours while we grab lunch and hang out somewhere? I'd rather not have to haul everything around with us, or hang out at the airport for half a day. TIA!
  25. My parents picked my first cruise, The Big Red Boat (Premier Cruise Line SS Oceanic). I was 16-almost-17 at the time, in 1996. The first cruise I picked was in 2018, and because my mom had a free cruise voucher from her timeshare and offered it to me since my DH and I never went on a honeymoon. We booked a 4 night cruise on Carnival Inspiration, in part because it was out of CA and the grandparents could watch the kids for us within driving distance to the port, and in part because we thought a 4 day would be a good amount of time to see if DH liked cruises (he did 🙂 ). We've only been on one more cruise since then (Panorama 2020), but have three more booked.
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