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  1. When I did the calculation on a 10 day cruse it came out more expensive to upgrade then to wait until we were on board. Upgrading only give $85 credit for the 250 min package. When we did it on board we got $125 credit.
  2. No receipt, they just scan your card. Small bills are appreciated!
  3. Report post #11 Posted 11 minutes ago I tried to take advantage of this offer for my cruise in Jan 2020, and the customer service reps claim that it only applies to new bookings. I booked this cruise 20 months ago, and prefer to prepay rather than get hit with a big bill at the end of the cruise. We had the cruse booked for 6 month and the option showed up Aug 1.
  4. On the web site under the internet and drink pages they now have upgrade options.
  5. Has anyone upgraded the WiFi from the 250 min package to the unlimited WiFi on board since the change Aug 1? If so was it the same price as the upgrade on the website? I was doing the math on the cost, the different between the package and upgrade is only $85. From other topics I thought on board they gave a credit of 105/125 for the 250 min package.
  6. Yes, NCL does state on the request form that the account number be blocked out. Here is link to the form. It took about three week after I submitted it for the credit to appear. http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/43324b8a-1e18-43ab-9664-b05fe3b6d9e5
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