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  1. Another "the sky is falling" post. Gosh I see so many of these. "The Cruise Line is cutting back! They are taking advantage of us! It's so unfair!" Talk about first world "problems."
  2. Has anyone done that excursion? What did you think of it?
  3. I am booked on the Equinox sailing on January 25, 2020. I am interested in a couple of excursions at our ports of call. Wondering if anyone has done them and what you think of them. One of them is in Cozumel, "the Legacy of the Maya: Ruins and Chocolate Tasting." The other is in Costa Maya, "Adventure Park Maya, Lost Kingdom" ... the water park one. Happy to hear any feedback.
  4. I got a chuckle out of an email I received this morning from Celebrity. They sent some recommended "next" cruises I could book ... culturally fulfilling cruises in Europe, or maybe relaxing cruises in the Caribbean. I have some hard choices to make. But ...each one of the suggested cruises has already happened ... all of the dates are for the winter and spring of this year. Is Time Travel an available perk? OUR EXPERTLY CHOSEN PICKS FOR YOUR NEXT VACATION. Marvel at the art, culture, and history of Europe. Unwin
  5. I love smoked salmon and I would be as frustrated as the OP if it were not available! But I expect it is a temporary issue. I cannot imagine Celebrity removing that well loved item from their offerings. I was on CARNIVAL last year with the kids and smoked salmon was always available. If Carnival can offer it, so will Celebrity. As an aside, although the food on Carnival was pretty basic (meaning less fancy or haute cuisine), the quality of what was offered was quite good.
  6. I will be sailing on the Equinox in January 2020. It will be my first time on Celebrity and I am really looking forward to it. The Edge sounds interesting, maybe a little too interesting for my taste, lol. But I DO like four different MDRs, each with different menus (at least different in part).
  7. The ultimate example of First World Problems. Not worth all the angst and agitation.
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