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  1. I believe it would be Le Volcan (translates to the volcano in English), which is the name for a library and performing arts space in downtown Le Havre. It's very close to the Hotel de Ville and is named for its shape, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. It's certainly cool to look at and take pictures of, and there are lots of restaurants and shops nearby, but unless there's a show going on that day the inside itself isn't too spectacular.
  2. I'd say that the biggest impact has been on cruise excursions, particularly if you are looking to go out to Paris. Metro traffic is very, very slow as a result of the RATP striking - think about thousands of commuters trying to squeeze onto a train because there is no other way to get from the suburbs into the city proper. Many shops/restaurants have reduced hours because of how difficult it is for people to get to work. At one point about 10% of all international Air France flights were cancelled as a result of strikes at the airport but I don't think that that continues to be the case.
  3. If you are not already aware, there have been massive general strikes in Paris (and all over France) as a result of pension reform. If you are going to France soon, particularly Paris, please stay up to date with all travel information. I am not sure how long strikes will continue - the last time something like this happened, the strikes continued for 3 weeks. In particular, the metro right now in Paris is very unreliable with most lines not running or running very slowly. It's to the point where many universities have either cancelled exams or scheduled online exams because there
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