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  1. I'm leaning this way as well. They seem to have the best reviews for Galveston shuttles, and I like that they track your flight in the air so the driver knows when to arrive.
  2. Hi everyone, Going on a Royal Caribbean cruise in May (my first cruise), departing from Galveston. We'll be flying into IAH early the morning of departure, and want a reliable way to get to the Galveston RC terminal from the airport. There will be 5 of us, all with a suitcase. Anyone have a suggestion on what the best way to get to the terminal from the airport would be? I'm thinking UberXL might be an option, but to fit 5 suitcases might be trouble. We could also potentially get two normal size Ubers. What other options do we have? Obviously looking to keep cost down, but just want something that will get us to the terminal reliably and in a timely fashion. Any help is appreciated!
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