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  1. We're on the April cruise from Port of LA, out to Hawaii and Ensanada and back. What sort of temperatures can we expect outside on the ship in the Pacific at that time of year? Thanks.
  2. Can anyone tell me how many formal nights there will be on the Emerald Princess 15 night cruise to Hawaii and Ensenada in April? I'm thinking about packing a kilt but would be less inclined if it's not going to get much of an airing. Thanks.
  3. That's great, thanks. A £100 fee for an upgrade on a 15 day cruise sounds worth it, although we would only do it if it's a decent room. Cheers.
  4. Apologies if this has been covered already, I've had a wee look and can't see the answer anywhere. We've booked an internal cabin on the Emerald Princess cruise to Hawaii on 14th April through a travel agent here in the UK. Am I right in thinking that we can cancel and re-book, taking advantage of the stateroom upgrade offer? Are there any UK users who have done something like this in the past? Thanks.
  5. I'm looking at this again as I'm a bit wary of being towards the front of the ship and possible sea sickness. We were on a boat trip in Italy a few weeks ago and I wasn't feeling too great when things got bumpy! I've picked out A720 or B720 as alternatives to R220. Does that seem reasonable? https://*****/deckplan-emerald-princess Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. We've been looking at this again in the last few days, specifically Kauai, and we think we'll do our own thing there. It looks like there's plenty to do within walking distance of the port. We might jump on the hop on hop off bus too. We've booked the Hilo tour that I mentioned in my first post so things are starting to come together.
  7. Cheers, that's really helpful. We'll have cases large enough to carry nearly 4 weeks worth of packing, but they do have wheels!!
  8. No, it's not a Sunday. It's just a general question about timings really. Thanks.
  9. Apologies if this is a silly question, but this will be our first cruise and we would just like to check something. Our Princess cruise docks in LA at the end of our cruise at 6.15am and we want to pick up a hire car in San Pedro. When will we be expected to disembark and is it a relatively quick process? We're thinking of booking a 10am pick up for the car and obviously we would have to get from the boat to the rental office so would need to allow a bit of time for that. Presumably we could just get a cab there? (We can't use Uber or Lyft as we won't be using data on our phones). So basically, can we just trot off the boat at about 9.30am and get a cab to San Pedro without too much difficulty? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. It is indeed San Pedro that we leave from.
  11. We're booked on a Princess cruise that departs Long Beach at 4pm and we plan to fly into Long Beach airport from Las Vegas that morning. I take it we won't have any issues getting a cab or shuttle from the airport to the port? It'll be our first cruise, what time will we be able to board the ship and check in? Thanks.
  12. Thanks folks. It's a mid April cruise, which is towards the end of whale watching season I believe.
  13. While we're on the subject of the casino, what type of slots do they have? Is it the newer 5 reel slots only, or do they have older 3 reel slots like Top Dollar and Wheel Of Fortune as well? And does anyone know the payout rates or do they keep that info to themselves? We'll be on the Emerald Princess.
  14. We recently booked our first cruise and we would just like a bit of advice about our cabin please. We've booked an inside cabin and our travel agent whittled it down to Riviera Deck, cabin 220. Is that a good choice for an IF cabin or could we get better elsewhere? A quiet cabin is what we requested, we don't mind walking a bit on the ship. Thanks.
  15. Can anyone give suggestions for shore excursions on Hawaii please? We've got one or two ideas but would appreciate some pointers. Honolulu, 7am - 11pm - We think we'll just have a wander round town ourselves and maybe take a tour bus. Kauai, 8am - 5pm - No plans yet. Any suggestions welcome. Maui, 7am - 6pm - We'll probably take an organised excursion here as there's a tender required and they'll make sure we're off and on in time if we book one of their tours. Otherwise we have no plans yet. Hilo, 8am - 5pm - We were thinking of using these guys... http://www.ainatours.com/hilo-shore-excursions-cruise-ship-tours.htm Should we consider a whale watching tour somewhere or are we likely to see plenty from the cruise ship anyway? And is there anything on any of the islands that we really shouldn't miss? Volcanoes and waterfalls are our thing! Thanks.
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