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  1. Anyone know if we're likely to get a decision on this today (Tuesday)?
  2. FFS, there are 17 lagers on that list. What's the point in that, they're all yellow and fizzy and taste the same. Thankfully it looks like we can get Guinness and Newcy Brown on our ship.
  3. We've booked with a local company.... https://www.rickystourshawaii.com/services.html
  4. You won't be too surprised to hear that I couldn't give a toss what you think. If we're on the same cruise you can get me a pint. You'll presumably be at the bar long before me.
  5. All sorted by our travel agent this morning. It was £35 per person per day as advertised. So it's definitely available in the UK even if you've already booked.
  6. I think we should be ok. It's quoted as £35 per person per day for us. Hopefully our travel agent can sort it for us.
  7. How do we get to the BSE add ons? I've logged in to the cruise personaliser but can't see it in there. Obviously this would be to add it to an existing booking. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. That works well for us as the second day is our wedding anniversary.
  9. That's really helpful, thanks folks. We're on the Emerald sailing in April and presumably it'll be much the same. Can you remember which nights were formal?
  10. We've been offered a free upgrade to R616 on our upcoming Hawaii cruise and I had a quick look at the reviews. There's not much that's specific to that room but there is a shocker from 2008 that complains about noise from above, specifically from a small tiled area in Horizon Court, right above that room. I know that this ship has been refurbished since then and I was wondering if an issue like this is likely to have been sorted? Thanks.
  11. We're on the April cruise from Port of LA, out to Hawaii and Ensanada and back. What sort of temperatures can we expect outside on the ship in the Pacific at that time of year? Thanks.
  12. Can anyone tell me how many formal nights there will be on the Emerald Princess 15 night cruise to Hawaii and Ensenada in April? I'm thinking about packing a kilt but would be less inclined if it's not going to get much of an airing. Thanks.
  13. That's great, thanks. A £100 fee for an upgrade on a 15 day cruise sounds worth it, although we would only do it if it's a decent room. Cheers.
  14. Apologies if this has been covered already, I've had a wee look and can't see the answer anywhere. We've booked an internal cabin on the Emerald Princess cruise to Hawaii on 14th April through a travel agent here in the UK. Am I right in thinking that we can cancel and re-book, taking advantage of the stateroom upgrade offer? Are there any UK users who have done something like this in the past? Thanks.
  15. I'm looking at this again as I'm a bit wary of being towards the front of the ship and possible sea sickness. We were on a boat trip in Italy a few weeks ago and I wasn't feeling too great when things got bumpy! I've picked out A720 or B720 as alternatives to R220. Does that seem reasonable? https://*****/deckplan-emerald-princess Thanks.
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