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  1. I/we never got one of the beverage packages. Last HAL cruise as OBC we received four (4) $100 drink cards. We could not go through that on a 7-day cruise. At the end of the cruise we were purchasing bottles of wine for other tables. This cruise it would be $1400 for the beverage package. I don't mind spending $7K for the suite, but I can't justify $1400 for water, juice, soda, coffee, beer and liquor. Even if I/we drink everything we want when we want and charge it.. I can't see us spending more than $300 max. It's why there are so many options for people on a cruise... options for everyone.
  2. I have never had a messaging app work well on a ship.. you're right about that. I did hope we would have the Medallion for access around the ship / room, but maybe next cruise. Just a cool idea.
  3. Not all ships have Medallion yet... we booked a 10-day for October 2019 this week and they don’t offer Medallion on the Star Princess.
  4. We’re going to try to book it on the Star Princess 10/22 (10-day)... will try to sign up on day 1 and hope it’s not booked. Since we don’t know the night (assuming while @ sea) we hope it does not conflict with speciality dining we already booked. I assume it would not be a problem to change reservations for Sabatinis etc.
  5. Great, it was one of the perks I loved on HAL is the fresh juice in the morning at the Pinnacle. Looking forward to having breakfast at Sabatinis.
  6. Sailing the Eurodam soon, interested to see if they're going to keep the $10 charge on the menu. This will be my first sailing with it listed. I did read it was supposed to $10 on Gala Nights only, but seems it's every night. I personally find the appetizers more interesting than the entrees, so at least they're not charging $5 for an extra appetizer (yet).
  7. But not in the USA and it goes back to the basic topic that started this... make sure these people get their tips. It's not based on just service, it's based on the people we don't get to see on the ships. They too live off these tips.
  8. Waiters with Tips make between $1200 and $1800 per month based on Bizfluents info on record. MOST are not US Citizens and/or becoming US Citizens. Tips (combined) it what allows them to make a living at all. That aside, happiness is not based on money alone.
  9. That's not how cruise ships work. Those people behind the scenes do not get "fair wage" they share in the tips. It's a common cruise practice. His ability to "distribute how he wants" is normally Not Cruise Ship Policy and could get him terminated. You're mixing up an "American Restaurant" with a Cruise Ship normally staffed by people from 3rd World Countries and they count on the Tip Sharing Policy to make enough to live. You're basically cheating them out of their pay.
  10. Everyone I have ever talked to said no matter what you tip, it goes back into a pool to share. Been told (can't verify if true) that if they keep the tips and don't share, they could lose their job. Also, consider by tipping ONLY those you see, and by chance, they're keeping those tips, what about all those you don't see, that wash the towels, clean the dishes, keep the ship clean while you sleep, and perform dozens of other services that make your stay enjoyable. Do they deserve less, because they're not visible?
  11. I like to tip up front but have a question... Going on the HAL Eurodam with a Neptune Suite. Since I normally tip the Room Steward $10 or $20 (depending on the room/cruise), should we do the same for the Concierge?
  12. Funny, every time we do a cruise we're so busy I never get to really relax. The cruise we have coming up on the Eurodam on 5/11 was going to be my relaxing cruise. I only booked one 3rd party Whale Watch (Alaska-Again) and a couples massage. The rest was downtime. Seeing the activities I see very little I would want to do... and even though it will be totally different destination it may mean I can sit on the verandah, sip a drink and read a book! 🙂 Thanks again for the shares, it's been wonderful following along!
  13. Wow, this forum really strips everything out of the image... well that did not work out well at all, sorry it looks washed out. Oh well.
  14. Nice boat shot, wanted to clean it up a bit to share, I hope you don't mind. It's lovely!
  15. Thanks for posting and don't worry about others who feel they must "fix" others. It's about themselves and stroking their ego, not about you at all. We appreciate the updates, thank you.
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