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  1. Probably off topic but still relevant to the industry. I find this incomprehensible … Genting Cruises (who service the China market) have published their preliminary guidelines for future cruises on Dream and Star Cruise lines (Genting also owns Crystal). Full details at: https://www.dreamcruiseline.com/en-us/media/press-release/2020/press-release-20200407-gcl-announces-enhance-preventive-measures/ Check this out (Highlighted below)! IV. Food Hygiene Practices & Standards F&B restaurants / bar areas, including galleys, will be cleaned and sanitized 3 times daily, during and after service Guests are encouraged to wash hands before entry and use sanitizer dispensers available at F&B outlet entrances/exits Guest seating will ensure ample spacing; disposable cutlery will be provided, upon request. Self-service at F&B buffet restaurants will be suspended. All food & beverages will be served to guests by crew members wearing face masks & disposable gloves. Culinary use of wild animals and related products are strictly prohibited. Stringent procurement guidelines will be enforced and product sourcing from highly affected regions will be strictly prohibited. WHAT?? No Bat Soup?? Well then, that’s a show stopper for us! Sarcasm off. I also understand the Wet Markets in that Regime have also resumed their business.
  2. Sorry Westmount, entitle was the wrong word choice. From your comments I read you were expecting immediate correspondence from Seabourn because of your particular cruise circumstance; we are all pretty much in the same boat so to speak on that. Worse off are the folks still on the merchant ship Sojourn. I suspect we and those whose cruise is now cancelled fall into the “immediate problem solved” category and we simply have to wait to hear from Seabourn. I do cut them slack on this as they have crew to get home and logistics that can’t be ignored. Communication has not been their strong suit but I suspect when things get back to normal (whatever that may be) then this will improve. I know we certainly will be using this entire experience as a negotiating tool if we book with them again cause we will definitely be wanting to feel the love.
  3. Westmount said "Still waiting for a letter from Seabourn concerning the our lost cruise, I’m starting to get the feeling it’s never coming. Still waiting for a letter from Seabourn concerning the our lost cruise, I’m starting to get the feeling it’s never coming." With due respect to your recent cruise challenges Westmount your comment I have highlighted is sounding a little bit like entitlement as you were punted off your planned itinerary. We were on the next 38 day leg, Singapore to Sydney and you know how that cruise turned out, as in complete reboot before Not. We played the brinkmanship game, we were forced to as we were not amenable to SBN holding our $’s for a use it or lose it FCC. Refund option is now taken and will come; I am not worried as I have insurance that will kick in if it doesn’t. The cancel letter we received from SBN was Mar 14, we were due to not willingly fly to Vancouver Mar 15 and pick up our May 16 to Perth, we thank the Gawds SBN sent that cancel letter which means refund vs FCC. We were lucky I acknowledge that, but thro all, SBN have been very helpful, so have patience.
  4. A heads up on this most recent Option 1 & 2 selection from the First cruise cancel letter of Mar 13/20. If one did not respond to the option choice by Apr 1st the default was automatic Option 2 (full refund). This most recent if one does not respond the default is Option 1 (FCC) with statement it is “the higher value option” Subtle but significant change.
  5. The limited partners in the TK group are not minor players and this should prove to be an interesting case to follow. Good for you jenidallas for posting this and thank you.
  6. "Carnival Corp. delays announcement about further cruise cancellations until May 30th. What are these clowns waiting for? Is Micky Arison hoping Trump will bail him out over the weekend? Cowards the lot of them! " Maybe you should take a course in reading comprehension. The decision is delayed to March 30/20 according to Carnival Corp.
  7. Hi, In my deliberations for our cancelled cruise I put together a question sheet to Seabourn via my TA and they responded to both of us in writing. I asked that very question and yes … If your FCC is more than the cruise fare you are considering you can break it up within as many cruise fares as you wish within the life of the FCC. Also, as a client with Booking Number, I have had no issues whatsoever is getting timely responses to emails from Seabourn via their contact us page on their website. Hope this helps.
  8. Happy for all Sojourn'ers to be berthed in Fremantle and being able to move on. Wish you all safe and quick return to your homes and families Best
  9. Good post Westmount, forget the light my hair on fire crowd on this forum. Perth you will be. Australia is known as a sensible country. Enjoy what is left of a unique experience!!!
  10. Sadly you are correct, I do not understand how people buy into these 3rd party cheap seats. Ya get what ya pay for.
  11. Maybe that cross the pacific segment, your original thought, would work? Plants will survive!! Talk to A!!
  12. So glad F­_J you started a normal thread here, versus the “light my hair on fire” one. In keeping with your positive start: We are on Sojourn, Perth – Auckland formerly Singapore – Sydney. A tropical itinerary now an autumn one. We have to say, notwithstanding Seabourn will only give a FCC for the full amount of cruise fare versus a refund, they have for us handled the change to our entire satisfaction. For those concerned about the 12 month use it or lose it approach, Seabourn did indicate they would be flexible with this. This is the 2nd time we have used Flight Ease and I have to say in a situation like this … priceless. Whole new flight itinerary/no change in class with no additional cost to us. Not dealing with insurance claims and last minute bookings eliminated the stress factor. We figure our not too shabby 25% FCC will go to a SE Asia itinerary next time. Hope this helps a little with your go, no go decisions. I realize the Ovation and Encore itineraries are quite different and those with independent travel face more challenges. I hope your communication with Seabourn has been as positive as we have had. I also don’t think Singapore should have been cancelled. For Sojourn it had to be as the final segment Auckland - San Francisco would be impacted.
  13. Thanks oceanviewer21, I am sorry, you have completely missed the point in my post. I can't help you with that as this forum is not conducive with normal conversation. Suffice to say there are options that may now become a solution, circumnavigation of Oz perhaps, who knows ... just think'n.
  14. I viewed Seabourn’s actions towards it’s SE Asia itineraries balanced and controlled which is why I thought this sudden cancellation of Ovation’s Feb 15th completely “out of character” given there are no reported cases on board and the fact Singapore is on record of no plans to increase its current alert level. I wonder if this Carnival Corp press release was a harbinger of a message coming from the parent to its subsidiaries, I refer: Carnival Corporation & plc Update On Financial Impact Of Coronavirus MIAMI, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Carnival Corporation & plc is closely monitoring the evolving situation with respect to Coronavirus. The safety of guests and employees, compliance and protecting the environment are top priorities for the company. The company's medical experts are coordinating closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to implement enhanced screening, prevention and control measures for its guests, crew and ships. The company's global team is working tirelessly to support guests impacted by voyage disruptions during this unprecedented time. Travel restrictions as a result of Coronavirus necessitated the suspension of cruise operations from ports in China, as was previously announced, and are now resulting in the cancellation of voyages in other parts of Asia. Significant events affecting travel typically have an impact on booking patterns, with the full extent of the impact generally determined by the length of time the event influences travel decisions. As a result of Coronavirus, the company believes the impact on its global bookings and cancelled voyages will have a material impact on its financial results which was not anticipated in the company's previous 2020 earnings guidance. Since the situation continues to evolve, the company is currently unable to determine the full financial impact on its fiscal year 2020. However, while not currently planned, if the company had to suspend all of its operations in Asia through the end of April, this would impact its fiscal 2020 financial performance by $0.55 to $0.65 per share, which includes guest compensation. In addition, the impact on global bookings will further affect the company's financial performance. The company is currently evaluating contingency plans to mitigate the impact and will provide an update with its first quarter 2020 earnings release in late March.
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