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  1. My wife and i always take one carry on each and a backpack each. ive never had any problems carrying enough clothes.
  2. Thank you. i appreciate the input, having all this information and these experiences definitely helps me realize the chances are there however, small. things will work out the way they do i suppose and we can only be at the mercy of nature when travelling. i do, however, feel more confidant and got some great tips!
  3. I wish that were an option. my wife and i work like dogs, she is a sous chef and kitchen manager in los angeles and i am the manager of a very busy auto repair shop in anaheim. without either of us, its like the wheels stop at work so we always come back to a bunch of messes to clean. our time off every year is so limited so we reserve it for our anniversary.
  4. I am trying to catch an earlier flight friday if possible. leaving the night before the cruise is stressful even 205 days away lol i appreciate the amazing input and advice. im waiting for my PVP to call back to adjust my flights now.
  5. I was in from 09 to 2011, i did my infantry school OSUT at benning, then got stationed in germany.
  6. delta to florida and american back. there is a stop over in georgia at atlanta. an airport im very familiar with from my time flying when i was in the army. we are leaving john wayne airport at 9pm on friday night, stopover in atlanta from midnight to 3am and then we should arrive in floria to FLL at 9am according to the schedule. ship leaves at 4:30pm. we have very little wiggle room. ive flown 20 times with transfers and only ever had 2 delays, one was minor and one was getting stuck in blizzard when i was in germany. i guess im just worried since we are missing so much work to enjoy ourselves, i want to minimize stress but that probably wont happen until im on the ship and get my first drink haha
  7. Does anyone have any experiences flying in the day of the cruise? we know most people say to fly in a day earlier, but my wife and i are taking an 8 day Caribbean cruise on the magic and with total travel time we have maxed our vacation days from work and can not, unfortunately fly in the day before. its in october so we have time, flights are booked thru my carnival agent with the fly2fun program. we can change them if need be. both my wife and i are hoping we can get the extra day and change our flights, but if not, we want to hear some experiences to soothe our fears. i used to fly a lot when i was in the military and i never had much problems, if any, with delays that were at all significant, but life happens.
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