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  1. I'll be sailing on Indy again in February (departing the 3rd, I think)! Fellow lanyard nerd, here! My husband and I also wear lanyards. His is plain navy and boring, mine is floral and cute. I think I even bought mine at a Dollar General because I was looking to be super cheap. I prefer the plastic sleeve instead of the lobster claw but it is just up to you. If it is a night where I am dressed up, I don't wear my lanyard but most of the time, I carry it around my neck. We always have ours handy because we buy the deluxe drink package so we have to show our cards frequently.
  2. You are correct - It does not show on the deck plans but as the other poster mentioned, it is across from Ben & Jerry's. They even have the Fork/Knife/Spoon symbol to indicate where it is, but it is not labeled. We were on Indy in May and will be on it again this coming Feb.
  3. I don't know if AT&T offers an international package. I have Verizon and they offer an "international plan" called Travel Pass where if I'm traveling to other countries (Canada/Mexico are complimentary) instead of having to always be on Wi-Fi, I pay $10 a day and it allows me to use my phone as normal. On the ship I turn my phone on Airplane Mode so it doesn't drain my battery looking for new cell towers, but in ports I turn off Airplane Mode. It only charges me for the days that I'm out of the country and it automatically recognizes when I am traveling so if I forget to notify them, I don't have huge overages on my bill.
  4. That is interesting to me because while the over the top sappy "omg how are youuuu" servers aren't my favorite, I do enjoy when someone is friendly and chatty. Maybe because I am naturally more out-going myself (I am a commercial banker - not a server). I guess I don't see how someone "behaving as if they were your new best friend" can be construed as being a PITA but we are all different. I'm not offended when I go to Europe and the servers are curt and efficient. It is just a different culture. I also tip my flight attendant, so apparently I just give too much to people that normally don't receive anything. If it is a short domestic flight with bare minimum service, I don't tip. But if I'm flying first class and/or a longer flight with meal service and an attendant that is attentive and pleasant, I tip. I also think people are getting aware from the original message - TIP MONEY. If you want to add something IN ADDITION to money, then sure. Go for it, if that is what you want.
  5. Does this work in "real life" - not just vacation mode? For instance, can I put a blue towel in my chair at work so whenever I need to endure another meeting that should have been an email, I can just throw my magic blue towel down and I'll be excused? How far does this magic extend? That is worth it's weight in gold!
  6. Yes, you can go in and "edit check-in".
  7. I have seen many people with drinks in the pool and hot tub while cruising with RCI. That being said, I am also someone that NEVER gets in the pool or hot tub. I'll sit and drink in my own pool and spa at home with my friends for hours, we call it the hot tub time machine because it starts out mid afternoon and all of the sudden, next thing you know, it's 3am. But stewing in human soup of my own choosing is different than being with a ton of strangers. We were in Cabo in December for 10 days at a 5 star all inclusive resort for a large work event. Everyone would spend hours and hours in the pool, never leaving. After a few days, and a few drinks, I asked why no one ever had to get out to go to the restroom....it was a question I regret asking everyday since 😭😭
  8. HAHAHAHA Thanks for catching that. Things are really going downhill, huh? I fixed it lol
  9. Regarding boarding, I agree with the above. You can show up at any time, even before your posted time as they aren't super strict at that port, however you might have a wait. The bathrobes are for junior suites and up but I have had extra nice stewards provide me with one with no problem. There are no "egg crates" for beds. They may add additional comforters under the sheet for a small amount of softness but I haven't asked since we prefer firm beds. I don't know if the bars are open on disembark day - that is a good question. Usually we choose to carry our own luggage so we are off the ship very first thing in the morning. Long pants work for formal nights but are definitely not required on other nights. My husband frequently wears khakis or golf shorts with a collard shirt and no one even glances at us. To be honest, MDR is pretty flexible even though it is "traditionally" more dressed up. You will see flip flops, tank tops, shorts and hats. It doesn't bother me so do what you are comfortable with.
  10. Another thing I forgot to mention was to bring a small travel digital clock (battery operated) or wrist watch that isn't a smart watch. As the ship crosses time zones, it does not necessarily always mean that the "Ship Time" reflects "local time". Make sure you refer to the ship time, which you can always view in your RCI app. We carry a very small, compact travel alarm clock (seriously so tiny that it folds closed and is smaller than a deck of cards) so we don't set our phone alarm and have them auto update to local time when we dock somewhere and then potentially miss our excursion.
  11. We had trouble on one of our RCI cruises (deck 9). We researched it before we called because my husband didn't want to be embarrassed 😃 but after a few minutes, it flushed itself. I read that sometimes the shower drain can impact your vacuum for the toilet so it seemed common. It only happened once and it resolved itself within 5-10 minutes.
  12. Yes, you can do the escape room (with an additional cost) but you will be placed in a group with other people.
  13. Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving (in the US). This year it is November 29. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving when online shopping sometimes offer large discounts - it will be December 2.
  14. Trust me, I would love for them to be wrong. I don't drink enough to make the deluxe package worth it for me but my husband does, so each time we have to go with deluxe for both of us. If you find me an agent that says otherwise, I would love to talk with them. Who wouldn't want to save $400 if I only want to have a couple drinks throughout the whole cruise? I just haven't wanted to take the chance and then pay a premium price of the on board deluxe package price if that happens to be the case.
  15. Okay, that is fine - that is the information I have received from Royal Caribbean multiple times now. If my husband purchases the deluxe and I only purchase the refreshment, but I order one drink using my card, I will be charged for the whole deluxe package. There is not a way to "pay as you go" if the other person in your cabin has the deluxe. This particular guy is not a travel agent, he works for RCI. Until I hear otherwise from another RCI agent, I won't take the chance.
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