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  1. We booked a cruise from Venice to Athens, so coincidentally, flying out of Athens. I was surprised that their fares were a good bit lower than I was able to find elsewhere. It was clear that they were able to quote off of contracts with specific carriers, which is good for pricing but impacts choice. (It is business class and we booked about 9 months out, which may also make a difference.) The flights out are exactly what I would have picked (Charlotte to Munich, Munich to Venice). While the return flights are not (Athens to Kennedy and Kennedy to CLT), they are very acceptable. Definitely worked well this time; however, I would always check.
  2. Had an ATT (fiber/internet) installer say this same thing. I have no idea how the various cruise ships handle things; however, for many businesses, CSR's need 'topbox' scores. The difference is that these are often using a 1-4 rating system so a 4 doesn't feel like the same standard of perfection as a 10 would in a 1-10 scale. Psychologically, it translates to 1= terrible, 2= poor, 3 = average to pretty good and 4= good to great.
  3. Confused...which, for me, is pretty typical. What is the relationship between this thread and the roll call thread? We are scheduled for the following cruise on Crystal: April 18 (OCY190418-09) Venice to Athens. When I look at this thread, it appears there are a couple of people on this cruise; however, when I look at the roll call thread for this cruise, there is only one person and, it is not one of the two listed on this thread. Do they serve different purposes? Thanks
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