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  1. I'll be on the Glory (it goes out the 19th of september, btw)...and they have changed us from a western to an eastern toyr.... and so we get Bimini, Nassau and Freeport. While I'm not happy with the changes..,. it's still a vacation and I've never been to the bahamas
  2. I'm sure you can, but I'm willing to bet that you'll get the dreaded letter later. I got mine a few days ago (sept 19th sailing),.
  3. Sadly, i think it will be cancelled (the FTTF) for your cruise... I have one going out on the 19th and mine was just cancelled, I got an email saying they will be sending the cost back to how we booked it. I was disappointed, but it's understandable. Heck, I'm just gonna be happy to be sailing again!
  4. at least you got an email... I seem to get far and few emails from carnival. So, i called and left a message for my PVP about it and some other things. I just don't want my cruise to be cancelled up under me because i didn't get an email about this. I'm vaccinated as well as my partner.
  5. So, I'm going to be sailing out of N.O on september 19th, and have booked the garden inn. I wonder if anyone has stayed there before and if it's a nice place? I've stayed at many places before in N.O but, the places i've stayed before were sold out by the time i went looking for a room, no biggie. I know it's close to the port, but does anyone have any tips for places close to eat and see?
  6. At Least you got some movement... I'm on a september 19th sailing on the glory doing a western cruise and I know one if not two of the stops will be no go's but still not had anything changed. It'd be nice to know beforehand where we are going so we can plan. I'm very much a planner and if i've not been to a certain place i want to really do my homework
  7. I'm super curious too because I'm going on the Glory on september 19th and while I think the cruise will go on I'm wondering what the ports of call will be. Originally Montego Bay, GC and Cozumel... Something tells me that two of the three won't be going (I know GC, but i wonder if Montego Bay will). Kinda bumbed about GC because I love that stop, but understand why they are doing what they are doing, but i am a planner and want to plan my days out!!!!
  8. I cannot wait for my cruise (september 19th!!!), I have sailed on the valor, dream, conquest out of New Orleans and LOVE watching the mississippi as we make out way towards the gulf, very relaxing but once it gets dark (usually sail in Jan or september), so it can get dark quick or not but i still like watching the lights.
  9. Yes, they do! When i was looking at excursions on carnivals site it caught my eye and wondered if it was a good one, there are some good reviews but i like to get a wider view.
  10. Has anyone done the excursion in Jamaica where they go to Rose hall and then the mall that is near there? I was thinking about doing this when coming to MB in september. I'm not much of a beach person, and have already been to the falls and thought that this one would be good for someone whom loves to see the history of a place. If there are other good history places please let me know!
  11. Actually you can buy it in the US, but it's SUPER expensive to ship it. So far i've found it online for 99, which is WAYYY expensive.
  12. There usually is one elegant night on the 5 night cruises if my memory is to be believed. Usually the first sea day
  13. Actually, they DID announce... september 1st on the news in New Orleans
  14. Ruby Slipper's shrimp and grits was pretty good but, Surrey's Cafe's shrimp and grits was SOOO GOOD! Well, pretty much everything at surrey's was good!
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