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  1. Arrive Gatwick at 0730 from US on a Sunday morning. Celebrity transfer is $100.00 each and departs airport at 1100. National Express has one leaving at 1015 that arrives Southampton at 1310 for $16.00 each. Here are my questions. Is National Express reliable and do they run on time? Do you think a 1015 departure is doable after a flight from US? Are taxis readily available at the Southampton station to take us to pier how far, how much etc? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just realized I can fly nonstop to Gatwick but not Heathrow. Suggestions on transportation from Gatwick to Southampton on a Sunday? Thanks again.
  3. Booked an 8/25 cruise on Silhouette yesterday with two perks. Thinking about changing one of them. I went to reservation and did not see them. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks
  4. If we walked off and hired a car from Southampton would a 1220 flight to the states be safe? It would be Sun 9/1. Thanks
  5. If we landed Heathrow at 1105 and hired a private car would we be ok for a 4:00 departure; on a Sunday
  6. Is it possible to get an air quote on the website without having a booking number like on Princess, Celebrity and Royal? If so, I can't figure it out. Help.
  7. I just got ten day Equinox in October $25 deposit and two perks
  8. Never been to HMC and was really looking forward to it. Just realized there will be another ship there the same day. Will it be a mad house? I've rented a clamshell. Are they all in one place or dispersed throughout. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks
  9. Have done Princess Sanctuary once before. Can you tell me about the experience on HAL and current prices if known. We will be on the 9 night cruise departing January 4th. Thanks in advance.
  10. We will probably be there early as we don't want to miss 10:00 to JVD. Any restaurant or bar there if we have to wait some? Thanks
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