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  1. We watched ours on the app while waiting for the plane that morning. When we showed up at our muster station, the crew asked if we had any questions. We did not, so they gave us stickers for our cards and sent us on our way.
  2. On the Adventure OTS July 10 sailing, we would be charged a drink voucher for a can in the Diamond Lounge but the fountain drinks from the bar were free. Never ordered soda from the other bars. Would get cans (and charged a voucher) in the main dining room.
  3. The virgin strawberry daiquiris taste exactly like you’d expect them to.
  4. We must have missed it. I decided to post it here to educate others who might be in the same “boat” (pun intended).
  5. This may be obvious to the long-time Royal cruisers, but room service breakfast was not available on disembarkation day on the Adventure 7/10/21 sailing. They took our filled out hanger off the door but no food arrived. When we called to check, we were informed that room service was closed.
  6. Just back from Adventure OTS. We were supposed to make reservations to use the treadmills (because of Covid) but by the end of the cruise they weren’t enforcing it.
  7. 8 laps per mile. Ugh! I’m going to have to run 48 laps on Sunday as part of my training program.
  8. Do the water slides at Perfect Day at CocoCay have stairs or ladders?
  9. How did Adventure of the Seas passengers respond to the daily Bahamas health questionnaire if you didn’t purchase internet? What did you do about the required day 5 COVID test?
  10. This was part of the email saying my Bahamas Health Visa was pending. @BirdTravels, did you get the daily emails?
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