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  1. Hi all, I've never booked a flight through Princess but have on an upcoming sailing. If I book my flight through Princess, do I still need to check in 24 hours in advance for the flight or will they do that for me? If they don't, do I just go online at the internet cafe on the ship and print it there? I won't have unlimited wifi. 20+ cruises and I haven't a clue! 🤣 Thanks!
  2. I hope Princess actually has a plan to go to LA! It would seem they want the revenue of a booked cruise and will do what they can to make it happen...*but* I definitely won't be an early bird like I normally am. Lol. It's one thing to get to the airport and your plane isn't there yet, it's totally different if your cruise ship isn't there! Haha. It's late check out for us!!!
  3. There are a lot of unknowns at this point for our October 5th Majestic sailing out of LA, but am I the only one who has done the math? How on earth can the Majestic disembark passengers in Seattle on 10/3 and get to LA by 10/5 to embark new passengers? Please tell me I'm missing something? Of all the logistics I'm worried about, our ship not being there wasn't a concern until now! Lol. Someone set my mind at ease. 🤷
  4. I didn't see the thread but I did find a pic and it looks...ugh. Haha. I switched us to a mini suite for only $200 more. Yay! One upper and a sofabed. Thanks, all!
  5. I can't believe I'm not able to find any! Can someone please share pics of the rollaway when it's in use on either Crown, Emerald or Ruby? Someone has to have taken a pic! Lol.
  6. Solved. FCC from previous cruise didn't carry over, though. Boo. In case anyone else has trouble with this, Carnival has to do the cancellation themselves, so call in if it won't let you handle it online. 🙂
  7. Good morning! What a bummer of a morning...our September Miracle cruise out of SF was what was keeping me positive in all of this! I do need help, though, and I'm on hold with Carnival (yeah, good luck!) but when I try to choose a FCC, it says this offer isn't valid for my sailing. Are they just having a glitch since the cruise is still showing up in my Cruise Manager, too? I guess I could give it time, but I want my credit so I can book the next one (and get a good cabin, as there will be more people doing the same thing as time goes on). Anyone have any idea under what circumstance you can't get the FCC and OBC offer? Thanks and hoping this very Monday of a Wednesday gets more positive news!
  8. I imagine this is difficult to plan for and have staffing available to handle all the questions. It's just super frustrating for all of us. Trust me, I'd rather be cruising!!!!
  9. I booked my cruise through a travel agency that sounds like fristege and have been unable to get in touch with anyone to cancel our cruise that leaves in 9 days. Holland America won't let me cancel it since I didn't book it through them directly. Can someone please offer me advice here? I have to cancel 48 hours in advance to get money back from my insurance. HELP!
  10. So...not sure if you all saw, but Grand Princess is under a quarantine of sorts. (Look at the Princess page). Such a bummer. 😞 Prayers to everyone who is currently on the sailing or the last one. We are definitely cancelling our March 14th cruise...just too soon to have faith we won't be quarantined. We have another booked for May and final payment is due on March 7th. 3 days to decide on that one, too. Boo hoo! I love to cruise and am so sad this is happening. I'm not even as sad about losing the money as I am about losing the experience! Good luck to all of you, whatever you decide!
  11. We're waiting it out for cruises booked in May and in September but I'm unsure about the one that leaves in 2 weeks! 😂 Now that Corona virus has become community acquired in California and our ship leaves from California, my easy going attitude has changed. The possibility of being turned away/quarantined are much higher, in my opinion.
  12. I'm curious if anyone has been able to successfully cancel their cruise and get a future cruise credit to use after all the Corona virus chaos clears? I'm sure lots of people have asked. What was the outcome?
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