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  1. Thanks to topics like this I "discovered" Brewers Beach and it was my favorite out of the four beaches we visited. "Rustic" to me meant not crowded and commercialized. A small beach, a lounge chair for $5 and the little bar/restaurant was exactly what I wanted. Not the most beautiful of the beaches but I counted 20 people on it and I was in heaven.
  2. We just returned from a Viking cruise in the Caribbean. There was no adjustment to our schedule, no problems onboard, no islands missed, nothing to be concerned about.
  3. However the included excursion looks pretty lame We just returned from a Viking Caribbean West Indies tour and so I can only remark on those included tours. Overall they were disappointing. We signed up for a number of them but after doing three we canceled the rest. Our walk in the old town section of San Juan was fine -- although we also did our own walking tour after we got there and had more fun. One of the tours duplicated parts of our optional tour on the same day but we had a good guide who kept us laughing. And then there was the included excursion that spent nearly 2 hours driving to and from: two brief stops for a view and one stop at Nelson's Dockyards that was OK. The amount of time though and the incessant monologue of our guide about anything and everything began to annoy within 15 minutes. We felt they were time fillers. (Just so you know: several older members of our group ALWAYS liked the included trip; so there you go.) On the other hand, the optional trips were outstanding: one was the highlight of our trip. And of course we wandered on our own to several beaches during our trip. In the future we are not likely to choose many of the included tours if they're like these.
  4. I might not sign up prior to your cruise if you are on the fence and this is an important part of the decision. Thanks. I hadn't thought of that. I was assuming we had to purchase this package in advance.
  5. There were several different tastings - wine and liquor - that were included. If I remember correctly they were only on sea days. Thanks. We did our first cruise without it, so we'll do our next one with it and then decide if that's the way we'll go from now on.
  6. There were several tastings of wine as well as spirits classes that were included. So a wine tasting session was included in the Silver drinks package? If so then that would be an incentive for us. On our Viking cruise we paid extra for a winetasting one afternoon and an Armagnac tasting. I think the winetasting was about $25. Can't remember what we paid for the other tasting.
  7. I'll be in San Juan in February and would also appreciate your guide. Thanks for all you've done. My address is: ozzieink@verizon.net
  8. So if I have the Silver Spirits package and buy a bottle of Champage at reduced cost can everyone at my dinner table drink it? Or is it just for the two of us with the package?
  9. I would've loved to have gone to the Buena Vista Club, but most of the guidebooks said the Tropicana's big gaudy nightclub show is a must-see. As I said, an unusual shower (not pouring rain but not a drizzle either) made up our minds for us. Of our group we had a busload leaving -- but we were also the older part of the crowd.
  10. You might be asking the wrong guy. There are about 1,000 (yes) people in the outdoor theater. Viking had us close to the stage so our seats were great. But it started to rain and after the first act our group of 6 left. I thought it was touristy and about an hour was enough time for me. HOWEVER every single person I talked to later loved the show. One guy stayed till the very end — after 1am I think — and went onstage to dance with the performers. It was fun but as I said touristy. The next night on Viking we saw a performance of local musicians and it was more low keyed and I loved it. But I’d say if you go with expectations slightly lower you should have e a good time. It is big, gaudy and over the top.
  11. It was extra and not cheap: about $700; so some people took the cheaper one-day option. But as i’ve said it was worth it. Remember this covered dinner, Tropicana, hotel, breakfast and lunch.
  12. For folks planning to visit Cuba: because our government is cracking down on "nonfamily" visits to Cuba, I'd keep double checking the possibility of Cuba being eliminated from Viking's itinerary or any other cruise ship from the US.
  13. I had to laugh when I read this thread. My room on our cruise to Cuba this Feb was DIRECTLY across from the laundry room. There were absolutely NO problems: no extra traffic, noise, anything. And how it worked for me who's direction-challenged: I'd get off the elevator and look for the laundry sign and always find my room right away. 😚
  14. Kathy, I was surprised at how many people opted for the one-day visit. That meant 6+ hours traveling. We spent the late afternoon in Havana, rode in classic cars, had dinner, went to the Tropicana (I thought that was hokey but everyone else loved it) then we stayed overnight. Next day went to an artist's studio (I loved that), then went to a big marketplace, had a great lunch and headed back to the ship. We felt rushed the first day because of a late start (problems with ship engine) but had a relaxing second day.
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