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  1. I've cruise solo twice on the Armonia. The first time I had a table to myself and the second I was a table for 6. I actually prefer the group tables and have always gotten along well with my table mates. While you won't have a freestyle option, you could check with the dining staff on the first day to see if you are at a solo table, and ask to be moved if not. You'll still have the same dining time, but at least you know you'll be dining by yourself. Also there are no windows in the main dining room so that is not an option.
  2. The flower power was a 70's disco theme. There was also a country & western night. On my cruise, the only party that really gathered a lot of participants was white night. Most people dressed in white for dinner and the party was on the pool deck. Some of the show dancers performed, as well as the entertainment staff led the passengers in several different dances. The other 'parties' were 30 min dance parties with the entertainment staff in the Bar del Duomo. Fun but nothing I'd plan special outfits for, unless you have extra room in the luggage.
  3. Nothing can replace Cuba in my opinion, however, I do like this decision.
  4. Another vote for Roatan. I've snorkeled all over the Caribbean and Roatan is in my top 3.
  5. Things may be completely different now but this is what they threw together when we lost the ability to dock in Cuba. I did not bring home the daily planners but did find this in my camera roll. I took pics of the activities every day so I didn’t have to carry around the paper and I always had my phone with me for picture taking. Now that they’ve had time to put some real thought in to this extra sea day I’m sure the activities have changed.
  6. The buffet is the only option for lunch on embarkation day.
  7. During my 2 trips on the Armonia I've only ever seen strawberry, vanilla and chocolate gelato. I would have loved to try the pistachio. I experienced the same fish issues in the main dinning room, which was disappointing since that's my usual go to option.
  8. Ryan was awesome!! I visited him nightly at the Bacardi Rum Bar. He came by and told us about the commotion going on downstairs. He was telling all the bar staff not to go near the area. I had heard earlier in the day that there was going to be a protest that evening, but didn't find the need to be there. However curiosity got to me so I wandered over. By the time I strolled by, the crowd was still there but everyone was civil. One woman stated their case (demands??), in Spanish so I don't know what was said, one of the officers provided a response, again in Spanish, a few questions were asked, then it dissipated. I did hear a response in English that said they would be contacting everyone that had signed up on the list. It didn't concern me and I didn't feel the need to add my name to the list as I was happy with the credit and they way the staff and crew handled a difficult situation.
  9. It was La Terre on the Armonia for the Chardonnay, Cab and Merlot. Never had the Prosecco so I don't know what that choice was.
  10. 2 cruises and 2 meet and mingles, no picture delivered from either one. I never took the time to check on it though.
  11. There were soccer games on almost constantly in the pub. I'm not a fan so I have no idea what games they were. I was just happy to see the basketball finals being shown one night.
  12. Master Chef was a show in the main theater, there is no charge. They call 6 people on stage, 3 teams of 2, and they have to create a dish using the mystery ingredients. They are judged by 2 of the MSC chefs. I believe the winners get MSC swag if I recall correctly. No actual cooking involved, just cutting, prepping and presenting a dish.
  13. There are a few premade sandwiches on the late night buffet. You'll probably be better off making your own as there were always cold cuts out. Personally my late night was a carb load with pizza.
  14. Yes there are nets out in the water. I believe to mark off each restaurant/club’s area. I supposed it may help a bit with the sargassum too. Here’s a pic of the area right next to Krazy Lobster. Since a boat is docked there I’m guessing no nets. You can see how much more there is over there.
  15. We were the only ship in port that day so I wasn’t sure what would be going on over on the malecon. Also the sargassum was so bad and the port that I was afraid to venture over to the beaches. I’m not sure why but I didn’t recall anyone saying how bad the smell was. I always thought to myself that while it might not be much to look at I didn’t think it would ruin my beach time. If I knew about the smell, I would have understood. Anyway, many of the vendors are the port were advising that it would be worse at the beaches. However once I left the port area the smell disappeared. I did not smell it at all anywhere on the malecon. i went to Krazy Lobster to have lunch. I did not book ahead but there was no need. There were at most 15 tables being used. I got a waterfront table and was given a welcome margarita. I didn’t go for the crazy lobster plate but chose the seafood stuffed pablano pepper and a mango margarita. The waiter said those were his favorites (although I bet he tells that to everyone lol). i almost asked for no octopus but just decided to go for it. So glad I did as it was the best octopus I’ve ever had. There was also shrimp, lobster and a white fish. Everything was amazing. After my meal I relaxed in a hammock for about and hour then took a cab back to port. The closer we got to port, the stronger the sargassum smell was. I did see a lot of it at the beach but the folks at Krazy Lobster kept their part of the beach clean. And there was absolutely no smell.
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