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  1. We are actually going on the cruise tomorrow... No other ship will be in port, but will report back as to what is available to do on the island.
  2. Seeing as though there is not much to do on the island, one would think they would open the straw market. If nothing is open and excursions aren’t offered, they should go to another island. Guests do no need to be freely roaming around the island where people have no homes etc
  3. We are supposed to leave Friday 8/30 out of Miami on Navigator of the Seas with stops at coco cay and Nassau, and return Monday. Anyway idea what they would do with a three night cruise? A trip to nowhere would be disappointing and I wonder if they would allow us to cancel.
  4. Did the OP book guaranteed or did they select a cabin during booking?
  5. We've went on this cruise a few times. While its not near the Haven suites, Star Class on Royal Caribbean or the Yacht club on MSC, we still had fun on this cruise. Its great for a weekend getaway. The food is not near as bad as you are making it out to be. We also typically eat in the admirals lounge, which is always GREAT. If you dont go again, its your loss.
  6. Yet you still felt inclined to not only click and read but post in the thread? clearly it’s not new for OP, so why don’t you move along.
  7. When we cruised a few months ago it felt warm when we first got on the ship, but I noticed the air vents weren’t all the way open. I opened them and it began to cool down and was fine the rest of the trip. That was probably in March/April.
  8. Carnival is good is you are cruising on a budget, otherwise go to a larger line. The suite benefits are a joke, they cater to the budget minded cruiser.
  9. OP says they won’t sail with MSC again, but already booked??? GTFO, why post this stupid thread?
  10. If you gamble, I've had better lunch with having questions answered calling and speaking with the rep in the casino department.
  11. I’ve used URcomped as well, got me two comped suites on the cruise and a comp concierge package.
  12. I’m not sure how to even check if we have
  13. In order to get the Mlife onboard credit, you have to book the mile casino rate. I’m platinum with Mlife, but have never got the credit because royal comps my room. They won’t allow you to get a comp room through royal and onboard credit, I wish though.
  14. If you want to show more love then tip more, don’t steal from Peter to pay Paul. When someone goes to your work and maybe you are away, so they deduct from your pay and give extra to others because they dealt with the client?
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