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  1. I guess you could if you really wanted to. I expected them to take four of the bottles to store and dole out two every sailing like they said they would in their policy, but they let me take them all on at once. I would also expect their senior employees would be familiar with that policy. Maybe with the prevalence of Cheers not many continue to bring on wine.
  2. We are waiting in the terminal to board a B2B2B on the Panorama, along with our six bottles of wine ( 1 per person per cruise along with all three weeks of boarding passes). I had to have an extensive discussion with the supervisor of security, that involved me pulling up their rules on their website and reading them to him, before I was allowed through by that 13 year veteran of Carnival Security. I had intended to print the rules out just in case, but forgot. I strongly suggest that anyone sailing out of Long Beach have a paper copy.
  3. Did you watch the youtube video by La Lido Loca? That's exactly what he did when he was making his video showing how to take the test. Good thing he also had an extra one🤣
  4. I turned off a lot of things that are on by default when I bought my new laptop last year, since I am paranoid. I didn't bother to try and figure it out since my husband's worked.
  5. When I did mine this morning I thought the queue was really long because mine was hung up on an eternally spinning double helix. However, my husband got to a proctor in less than a minute on his laptop. Turns out I had mine locked down so much that I could not access the connection to the proctors. I got into their system right away on his to do mine. Just something to be aware of.
  6. My immunocompromised twenty-something daughter went to Walgreens for her third shot when they first came available. They were carefully questioning everyone asking for a third shot since so many were trying to game the system prior to approval. The Walgreens in my area obviously do care.
  7. I have been following the recent Panorama cruises since we leave on Saturday for three weeks on board. With the itinerary changes the ship is not scheduled to dock until 9 am at least through the October 9th sailing. I remember one person reporting that they were in an early group and on the way to LGB at about 10:20.
  8. If you are booking for a couple months away, I suggest keeping an eye on the ones you purchase. One of mine was changed to a bubble tour after the fact, and luckily I caught it and could cancel it.
  9. You are good as long as it is a PCR test. NAAT stands for Nucleic Acid Amplification Test. PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. There are a bunch of different types of NAATs - PCR tests are just one of those types. As long as she has a PCR test and that is what the lab report states, you are good. (If it makes any difference, I've spent the last 30 years running PCR tests, so I know what they are and how they work.)
  10. What time did you need to be out of your cabins?
  11. My daughter has MS and is heat sensitive. We did a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago where it was pretty hot. She used cooling neck wraps and they really helped (they are filled with an absorbent polymer - we soaked them in cold water before we left the ship).
  12. Our Walgreens in Colorado is the same. They only schedule out a couple of days and the appointments for rapid tests fill up fast. No CVS testing where I live.
  13. As I remember there are usually spa port specials, I just don't recall how far in advance they are offered. They also may or may not be a service you would want.
  14. Panorama has them listed at least through the October 9th sailing (that's as far as I looked). The grilling class is already sold out for the October 9th sailing.
  15. @CharmedLifer, do you happen to know what time the first shuttle leaves Long Beach airport? The Carnival website is still showing noon for the Panorama, but that is obviously incorrect. Thank you!
  16. Our cruise friends had a Havana cabin on the Vista. They loved it and said they would never book anything else. They like to be by the pool and really appreciated the lack of crowds.
  17. We prefer the 8:15 seating. It seems more special than just going to a restaurant and is something we look forward to. To me it seems that more people dress a bit more nicely for the later seating. Our last cruises were in February 2020 and I was surprised at how many people were dressed up for the formal nights. A lot of them took the opportunity to have pictures taken, too.
  18. I already received the sale pricing on the veranda (the aqua class has not dropped even close to the original price from 2019). The B2B link is what they could not do, and that will give an additional discount for each booking that is not related to the sale. I will try going through the TA for that after the sale in the hope that they will not be as busy and someone more knowledgeable at Celebrity will be available to help.
  19. That is what I thought. The first is leg 12 nights and the second is 9, so I am expecting a discount of $100 per cruise. I was having hearing difficulties with the connection, the representative's accent, and her trying to upsell me, so I did not try to argue with her. I will wait until after the current sale, then give the TA a call to see if they can handle it.
  20. I have a B2B scheduled for the Equinox in Feb/Mar 2022. The first leg is a lift and shift originally booked onboard in 2019 for February 2021, that had been transferred to a TA after the original booking. The second was booked a year later through a phone call to Celebrity and not transferred. The first is aqua class and the second is a standard veranda, so we will be moving cabins. I called Celebrity yesterday about repricing the standard veranda booking, then requested that they link the two bookings. I was told that this is not a true B2B because I am changing cabin categories, so the bookings cannot be linked in their system. Has anyone else had this experience? Thank you.
  21. From the website Return to Service FAQs. If you scroll to the bottom it looks like testing at the port is now a no go. Where can I get a COVID-19 test? In order to provide more testing options for our guests, Carnival is sharing these resources: Carnival Corporation has established an agreement with Quest Diagnostics to facilitate access to pre-cruise COVID-19 viral testing. Guests may schedule testing with Quest Diagnostics at more than 1,500 locations, including Quest Diagnostics patient service centers and select Walmart and other retail pharmacy locations throughout the U.S. Appointments are required and may be scheduled online via Quest Diagnostic's website . Results are typically available within 48 hours via email or mobile application but Quest advises that turnaround time can fluctuate with demand, supplies and other factors, and vary by region. As with any laboratory provider, pricing for COVID-19 testing services may vary. Guests may qualify for testing at no cost to them through their insurance or the government. We urge guests to check with their health plan or the laboratory provider to see if they are eligible before scheduling a test. Guests may visit Quest Diagnostic's website for information. Fully vaccinated guests may also consider using an Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test which includes a viral antigen home test and the services of an eMed telemedicine professional who will supervise the administration of the home test. The test provider must provide guests with an official test result; no handwritten report. Results are provided in approximately 15 minutes and test kits are available to be shipped in 50 states. Tests can be purchased by accessing either of the links above. Additionally, guests may also look into large pharmacy chains that have multiple locations to schedule a COVID PCR or antigen test near their home or embarkation port of their cruise. For example, CVS and Walgreens have nationwide locations offering COVID-19 testing. While we had previously raised the possibility of more on-site testing at our terminals, the logistics of making this service widely available to a large number of guests does not make this a viable option. Nevertheless, we did want to provide these additional suggestions for our guests.
  22. Mine is 12:00 to 12:30 for September 25th. I think that is the earliest they offer right now due to COVID cleaning taking longer.
  23. Carnival is now counting two seven day B2B cruises as a fourteen day cruise. I received $150 OBC on my second leg of my B2B2B instead of $100. I also just purchased stock this summer. I, too, am looking at it from the ROI standpoint. $350 in non-taxable OBC in the next month is a pretty good return, especially since two of the three cabins we booked are inexpensive 4Js. Since the OBC is available on all CCL lines, I don't feel as limited as I would if we could only use it on the Carnival brand.
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