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  1. Thanks for this information. I will definately look into the 007 excursion.
  2. Jamaica is not a priority, but we really wanted Grand Cayman and Montego Bay happens to be included. I do appreciate your comments.
  3. Oh, I hope that's not the case with the tender boats! With all the cancelled cruises, we are so looking forward to Grand Cayman next year. TY for your input
  4. Looking for a relaxing beach day and wondering what your opinions are for beaches at Grand Cayman or Montego Bay?
  5. I have more OBC than I will probably use and wonder if I can pay my gratuities with it. I usually prepay but thought this might be a better way to handle it. Any suggestions?
  6. Just got the email and my PVP is handling everything. We are rebooking. Sorry for all of us, but better to be safe.
  7. How much of a notice would we be given if our cruise is cancelled? Any ideas?
  8. Vista October 2018. Was booked on Mardi Gras but was cancelled so we rebooked on the Vista this October.
  9. We have been offered an update on our Vista sailing. However it would be to the front of the ship and we have always sailed in the center of the ship. Any comments concerning moving to front, Lido deck from center deck 9?
  10. I actually realized that I can do this if I am not logged on to the CCarnival site. Just go to WCarnival.com and order. Who knew!
  11. I am trying to purchase room decorations for a friend who is on same sailing as I am. When I "add to cart", it only brings up my booking number. I cannot change it to her booking number. Anyone have any suggestions? Everyone in our group has sailed multiple times except this person and I thought it would be nice to have a Bon Voyage package for her.
  12. I am so excited to be sailing on the Mardi Gras in October, but it is going to be a loooong wait! Beside myself, my adult daughter, son and a family friend will be onboard.
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