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  1. For some reason, hairdressers are still open here. Not sure how. There are some cute memes on social distancing haircuts. I am not expecting to have my hair cut for some months if then. And I totally agree with you.
  2. I had a sore throat this morning and I was so worried. So glad you finally recovered. I am in agreement, you probably did have the virus. The symptoms match what they are now finding as typical. We in Australia are heading into our winter which has the authorities worried. So everyone is encouraged to have a flu shot. If you are over 65 it is free and I just found out it is triple dose plus I had a pnemonia strain. They really dont want people presenting with flu if they can manage it in the hospitals and also are concerned bout those who are concurrently suffering flu and the virus. I
  3. Hi. We are in same boat. Hi from NSW. I am sure common sense will prevail. Surely. Especially as ours and maybe yours is begining in Spain and mainly visitin Italy. Those countries do not need and surely wont allow any cruise ships this year at least.
  4. Hello We live In Sydney NSW Australia. At the moment the number of cases in NSW is twice as high as Victoria one of our neighbouring states and between the two states we together are hosting 60% of Australias cases. At the moment our deaths are kept low and our totals are in the 8000s nationally but they expect us to increase a lot over following 2 weeks and then hopefully begin to see some lowering. We have been in shut down for 2 weeks now come tomorrow Monday. Over 1/3 of our cases are related to cruise ships, in particular one that refuses to leave our shores. A carnival shi
  5. Hi all. I hear on the news today that at least you are hoping in Spain to reach the apex real soon. Hang in there and keep safe. We were due to travel to Spain this year, but I really think all cruises will be off for the forseeable future. I know in your country and also in ours Australia, the number of cruisers who have raised the case toll significantly is a real concern.
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