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  1. RCI did not answer any complain on Facebook anymore. They ignore it. They think this will go away in a few days. I would prefer my original perks for my Boardwalk Balcony because I will use the Soda packages and JR meals for 4. I see why people that book Central park Balcony want to get OBC instead because the valued of the perks were less. We paid more for Boardwalk Balcony for the perks over the Central park Balcony. At that time of booking, Central park Balcony is $100 pp cheaper than Boardwalk Balcony.
  2. Under the picture of Coco Cay on RCI Facebook, you will see "write a post" that is where you can post and it will pop up on visitor post on the right hand side under the bar that said "book now and message". HTH
  3. Of course I like 2 meals, however it is free so one is ok. It is totally different situation than what royal Caribbean did, The perks MSC gave is free to the members not something we pay for it. We paid for the room that suppose to come with the perks.
  4. You are correct most cruise cut back. However, at that time of booking stated that this perks include with the room. I am talking about written on the page that we book the cruise. I just want what I paid and promised at the time I booked. I just started to sail MSC also and I think they are ok except how they handle when the hurricane come but it was acceptable. I actually ok with only one meal they give per room for black card.
  5. This was the response (word by word). Me: OK I have 2 booking with RCI one with Symphony which will be in 24 days and Oasis of the Seas in August 2020. Just find down that my Oasis room perk will be removed. Why? I booked when it was included and that is one of the reason we book this room Boardwalk Balcony for the Soda package. I need your explanations. RCI: I'm very sorry for any disappointment this has caused, We're always re-evaluating our offerings and after reviewing feedback from our guests, we’ve made the decision to discontinue this program. Many guests weren’t even using the features, as they have other items they selected that overlapped with the few benefits. Since you booked this stateroom on Oasis before we made this announcement today, we'll be issuing you a $50.00 onboard credit as a gesture of goodwill. -Yami Me: The soda package for 2 people is around $140 and not even include other perks we supposed to receive burgers meal for 4 at JR and rock climbing wall session. This is false advertisement. Wow $50 not even enough to pay for one Soda package. RCI: I understand where you're coming from. Please know it wasn't our intention to make you feel this way. Me: This room cost more than window view so I I were know that will not include perks I will just book Ocean view stateroom. RCI: You can definitely change your stateroom. Please keep in mind, it'll be at the prevailing rate. Me: Funny when I booked the price of every staterooms was cheaper. If RCI can give me the price shown the date I booked then I will change. Why don't stop giving the perk today the announcement come out. At the time of booking, RCI offered the room with perks. RCI: Unfortunately, we won't be honoring any previous rates. I'm really sorry about that.
  6. you get better response than me. I got nothing from them just $50 that they original offer.
  7. Under the picture of Coco Cay on RCI Facebook, you will see "write a post" that is where you can post and it will pop up on visitor post on the right hand side under the bar that said "book now and message". HTH
  8. Please don't think good or bad. I just want your opinion since you were on the same sailing with me. Will you sail with MSC again?
  9. It was not about multiple languages. I was about repeat the same info from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm. It said the same thing " We need you to sign the paper and leave the ship." over and over and over on the loop really loud all Thursday night inside and outside cabin. There is no new info given.
  10. I loyal to no one either. I only went with RCI and MSC so I don't know about NCL. I only saw from other cruiser post about their experience on The NCL Sky. I am Diamond to be Diamond plus with RCI. Do I like RCI yes very much. However, It is expensive to sail with RCI when add Disneyland trip with it. So I chose MSC for this trip because it was cheap. I sailed with MSC before on Bellissima for my Euro trip and it was great so I think why not MSC Seaside. I even took my In laws along with me 70+ years old. From strat until Thursday night we had no problem at all even though less food choice and music but we was ok with it because we love the port s of call and food in MDR. However, when situation like this happened MSC Seaside not handle it right as I described on my posts.
  11. Tell the true, I do not know about this Alert codes info before and don't know where to look for. Thanks goodness for posting about this. The facts is the fact and cannot be change. Whiskey alert was sent to the ship on Wednesday. Why don't let any passenger know? not all of us pay for expensive Internet. Most people on the ship don't even know there is a hurricane out there. X-Ray alert sent on Thursday about 48 hours of possible port closing which means after 12 pm on Saturday. MSC Seaside docked at the port of Miami around 7 am on Friday and make any possible to kick all passengers out even though MSC Seaside knew that Ship can stayed in port until Saturday which was the day we all supposed to disembark. Even let people out on Saturday their is a time for the ship get out of the port. MSC should give the real information to customers. MSC Seaside did not tell the true and knew from beginning that the ship can stay at port until Saturday afternoon. Why MSC Seaside do that? Because MSC Seaside can get the new set of customers on the ship on Saturday without loosing the profit. MSC Seaside knew because of the storm and labor days weekend there were shortest of staffs so it was easier if many guests on the 8/24 already left the ship. That was I see and it is my opinion. Whoever thinking of book the new cruise with MSC please think twice before you book it. It is cheap cruise but you definitely get for what you pay for or get less for what you pay for. It was not worth it for us.
  12. Funny is the people are talking negative about the people complaining about MSC Seaside were not on this sailing but keep Blah Blah Blah .... talking negative about people that on that sailing complaining. After all this site is Cruise Critic, the place that cruisers can give their experiences and reviews of the cruises they took. It is not a cheer leading place. I guess it is fun to just come here to criticizing someone else that report their experience and think that you are better than someone else.
  13. May God have mercy and spare the lives of everyone in Dorian's path.
  14. Thank you for this accurate information. So now I knew for sure that MSC Seaside Captain knew about the Whiskey alert on Wednesday but not let us know to prepare for this storm and the port is not close on Friday like they was given info to us.
  15. Of course I feel bad about everyone will be effecting by this storm. Both in US my own country and other people on the islands. You was having fun and making fun of people on the Seaside that is not right. You are not on the ship so do you really know what happen? Why other cruise company can handle this better? I don't have an answer but I think the person like me and other 2000+ people would like to know. I don't care about refund just miss inform that we got is not acceptable. We do not purchase Internet so we do not know anything about storm until Thursday at 8:30 pm when the first time Captain decided to let everyone know that you need to get out of the ship. I am sure he knew about it before Thursday at 8:30 pm. They keep repeated the same information from 8:30 to 11:30 around the ship and inside the cabin really loud in 7 languages. The repeated info was to make sure you sign the paper to get out of the ship and they need it by midnight. The paper work delivered to us at 11:45 pm so we have 15 minutes to make decision and packing. We have 2 elderly 70+ years old and a young child to care for. For that shot period of time to get ready is a nightmare. If you looked at the paper from MSC you will see what they said. Basically we (MSC) knew you might cannot find any hotel, car rental or flight back home because of the holiday weekend and the storm but we (MSC) will dump you out anyway. It is not our(MSC) problem after you leave our(MSC) ship. it is your own problem to find whatever you need for your safety. MSC did not let people know or use their Internet until 11:30 pm after people said they need to book the hotel, change the flight or rent the car. Did this behavior acceptable for some company that said we are (their customers) one of their family members?
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